Cancer Doc Who Gave Healthy People Chemo Gets 45 Years.

Cancer Doc Who Gave Healthy People Chemo Gets 45 Years. July 11, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Nicki Dugan Pogue
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Nicki Dugan Pogue

What happens when you cannot trust your doctor?

Dr Farid Fata is an example.

Dr Fata lied to patients who were not sick and told them they had cancer. Then, he subjected them to the horrors of cancer therapy. He also gave patients who actually did have cancer many more chemotherapy treatments than they should have had. All of his patients were subjected to the terror of cancer and were harmed by these treatments. Dr Fata also murdered some of these people, since they died from his unnecessary treatments.

Dr Fata was backed up by other doctors and by the hospital where he practiced. I would imagine that he also was aided in getting away with this crime by the abject terror with which people greet a diagnosis of cancer.

There are several things we can take away from this situation.

First, get a second opinion. Doctors often fight you on this. I’ve experienced this medical resistance to patients seeking second opinions myself, as have friends of mine. If you want to avoid being Dr Fata-d, you might also consider getting this second opinion in a different medical circle than the doctor who originally gave you the diagnosis. By that I mean go to a different state. If you’re in Oklahoma, go to MD Anderson. If you’re in Texas, go to UCLA. But do not go for a second opinion from a doctor who is either enthralled with your original doc or who is in debt to him or her.

Second, current medical practice gives us many reasons to mistrust our doctors. Commercial medicine is predatory by its nature. Consider doctors who make designer babies and sell them on the internet. Consider doctors who harvest the bodies of healthy women for eggs that they sell on the internet. These women are not sick, but the doctors pay them money to undergo dangerous amounts to hormones and unnecessary surgery which punctures their ovaries repeatedly in order for the docs to make money in the manufacture and sale of human beings. These procedures endanger women’s lives, health and future fertility, but they are marketed to callow college girls as safe.

Consider the trendy new medical barbarity of gender reassignment surgery. This ghastly procedure mutilates people who are suffering a mental illness. It also subjects them to massive, life-long dosages of unnecessary hormones that further mutilate them and endanger their health. The push right now is to extend this procedure to minor children, even without parental consent.

Third, consider the barbaric practices of euthanasia and abortion. When we give doctors a legal right to kill at will, do we seriously expect that they will not become junior Mengeles who murder babies who survive abortions and euthanize people for no reason and without their consent?

Dr Fata was, due to the courage of a whistle-blowing employee, exposed and brought to judgement in our courts. He did not get the sentence he should have gotten, and he was not charged with the crime he committed, which was torture and murder. But hopefully, he will never walk free again.

However, if what he had been doing was legal, how difficult would it have been to mount a prosecution against him in court? Egg harvesting doctors who exploit young women are often respected members of their communities. They are, like the original Mengele, considered scientists and physicians. They are highly educated, smooth, and wealthy. They can easily schmooze their way past a tearful coed who has been harmed, or her distraught family when she dies.

Doctors who murder outright through abortion and euthanasia have a whole socio-political movement behind them which lionizes them and characterizes them as heroes of compassion. The same goes for doctors who practice the quackery of gender reassignment surgery.

Dr Fata’s crimes will probably lead to more government regulation and oversight of medical practice. The same thing will eventually happen with each of these legal crimes of euthanasia, egg harvesting, abortion on demand, the quackery of “gender reassignment” surgery, and creating and selling human beings.

Government intrusion into anything is always heavy-handed and destructive. In medicine, it creates timid doctors who put compliance with regulations created by hand-picked committees of bureaucrats with agendas ahead of the needs of their patients. It makes doctors reluctant to prescribe and act on what their training and experience has taught them is their patients’ best interest.

The irony is that no amount of regulation can control the legal practice of medical barbarity and make it into something other than the barbarity it is. There are no laws that will ensure controlled killing and exploitation of innocents once other laws have made such things acceptable. You can’t kill, mutilate and exploit people for a living and, as Himmler said of the SS, “remain decent.” Himmler was self-deluded in this pretense, just as those who histrionically jump up and down and defend these barbarities today are self-deluded.

The only way to stop medical exploitation of patients and the barbarities that come with it is to make such things illegal in the first place. Certain medical practices, among them elective abortion, and the commercial harvesting and selling of human body parts to the detriment of living patients, as well as the creation and selling of human beings, should be illegal.

At the very least, doctors who pay women to harvest their bodies, who sell babies, who murder their patients, either born or unborn, should lose their license to practice medicine and be subject to civil suit. It would be preferable if they went to prison for these crimes against humanity, but given that the medical associations support these practices, that is impracticable right now.

I think increased government regulation and oversight of medical practice will harm patients, as well as doctors. But when the medical profession throws its weight behind exploitative practices such as egg harvesting, creating and selling babies and what is nothing more than trendy, politically-correct abuse of the mentally ill, it makes the case that medicine cannot police its own house. The failure to stop Dr Fata just puts the cherry on top.

It is ironic that the political power of the medical associations, which has always been used to protect medical practice from government intrusion, will end up being the cause of greater government regulation and surveillance of medicine. If the medical associations continue down this path of defending barbarity, their behavior will inevitably lead to heavy-handed government intrusion into medical practice. It will also lead to the loss of public trust and faith in doctors.

Dr Fata is, in many ways, the tip of the iceberg of true medical malpractice in this post-Christian world of ours. The difference between him and his brothers in blood is that he fell over the tripwire of illegality, while they are protected by nihilistic trendiness that pushes the poisonous philosophy of social deconstruction at all costs, including, sadly, human life.

From The Detroit News:

Detroit — The notorious oncologist who gave chemotherapy to cancer-free patients, and overmedicated others, as part of an expansive insurance fraud scheme cried and apologized Friday before being sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Dr. Farid Fata will be behind bars until he’s 95, but tearful, grief-stricken victims and their family members who attended the sentencing — many wearing yellow to symbolize their hopes for healing and closure — insisted that’s not long enough. They and prosecutors hoped Fata would get up to 175 years.

… Fata’s conspiracy ensnared several hundred patients across Metro Detroit. He was accused of giving cancer patients overly aggressive doses of chemotherapy while treating others with the powerful drug for cancers they did not have.

The once sought-after oncologist was silent during sentencing hearings this week, refusing to glance at his victims as they recounted how he deceived them and left them with chronic pain and suffering. Friday, his stoicism crumbled as he pleaded, with tears in his eyes, for leniency.

“I stand before you ashamed of my actions … it all went wrong,” Fata said. “I cannot bring back the past. My quest for power is self-destructive.

“I pray for redemption … I ask the court for mercy,” Fata said. “They (patients) came to me seeking compassion and care … I failed them.”

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18 responses to “Cancer Doc Who Gave Healthy People Chemo Gets 45 Years.”

  1. I had the good fortune of having a physician for a grandfather. Part of our family tradition involves a healthy distrust of shady medical practices. The Internet can be helpful in researching medical standards, but it has many holes. Your advice on a second opinion is appropriate, but one should be careful how the second physician is selected and the opinion obtained. The second opinion could be corrupted by contact with the first physician.

  2. Fata showed himself to be like pretty much every other defendant who is guilty as sin and still insists on the mockery of a not guilty plea and some phonyed up defense. They sit impassively in court day after day, unashamed as their crimes are enumerated and their victims testify. Then when the sentencing comes they blubber like babies and profess their great sorrow. Thing is, the only thing they are ever sorry for is themselves and the fact they got caught and will now have to do the time. This guy didn’t get nearly enough years for what he did. With 500 victims it works out to about 1 mon in prison for each victim, assuming he doesn’t get out early. Not nearly enough.

  3. There are many more good Dr.’s than bad ones like Dr. Fata. I agree with your analysis but please don’t use him, abortionists and the other evils you mentioned as that many Dr.s do these things and support these things.

  4. When I had cancer, I read that you should always try to go to a major cancer center for at least the second opinion. More oversight at major institutions.

    Also, the major institutions have doctors that specialize in the different types of cancer. My doctor only sees patients with the kind of cancer I had. That’s important as they can keep up with all the research for your type cancer better than keeping up with all the research that happens with all cancer.

    This just makes me sick. I prayed and prayed that the doctors were wrong because I didn’t want to have cancer. Can’t even imagine how I would feel if I found out everything I (and my family) went through was to line some guy’s pockets.

  5. Your point is well taken Robin. I don’t won’t to smear the good people who practice medicine.

    However, I do think they should get a better grip on their professional societies which use their political clout to allow these things.

    The Oklahoma State Medical Association lobbies vociferously against pro life legislation and for exploitative practices such as paying young women to undergo egg harvesting. A doctor who pays patients to act against the patients own medical interests in order to make money for the doc is scum. Yet the grip these folks have the OSMA is profound. I know this for a fact. I assume, based on legislative behavior I’ve seen elsewhere, that this reflects a national agenda of some sort.

  6. 7 year survivor. It took a lot to get here but I am fine now and hopefully will stay that way.

    I have to be checked fairly often because of the aggressiveness but that’s nothing compared to treatment. I thank God every day, sometimes more than once!

  7. I had no idea. I’ve always been glad that you’re here at Public Catholic, but this makes me realize how blessed we are to have you.

  8. Ditto to what Rebecca said about being glad that you are here on Public Catholic as I enjoy your comments. So glad you have had 7 years and wish your so many, many more! More than just a little glad that fellow was convicted and got a very long sentence!

  9. What a [deleted]. This is about as cruel as can be. But why did other doctors cover for him? I hope they get them too.

  10. I still don’t understand how he got referrals for a cancer that didn’t exist in his patients. I hope the physicians who sent him patients are also being investigated, as I can’t imagine how this went on so long without his colleagues being aware of it. I would also hope that his finances are being intensely scrutinized as I suspect there will be a money trail implicating those who sent him patients.

  11. I’m a nurse and usually hesitant to take a recommendation from a doctor for someone not a colleague. They may know the person, but have never practiced with them. When surgeons assist each other they know how the others are, same with ER doctors. If you want a recommendation, ask a nurse who does not work for the specialty you are looking for.
    That’s how he got away with this. The patients didn’t see anyone else.