Spirituality and Religion 2

Spirituality and Religion 2 January 17, 2012

What is the relationship between spirituality and religion?

Spirituality is subjective. The Catholic Religion is objective.

Spirituality is the genius. Religion is the discipline.

Spirituality is the heart. Religion is the mind and body.

Spirituality is the vine. Religion is the trellis.

Spirituality is the music. Religion is the notes on the page and the practice.

Spirituality is the drama. Religion is the script.

Spirituality is the cuisine. Religion is the cookbook.

Spirituality is making love. Religion is the marriage.

Spirituality is the paycheck. Religion is the work.

Spirituality is the free fall. Religion is the parachute.

Spirituality is the quest. Religion is the map.

Spirituality is the climb. Religion is the ladder.

Spirituality is the grace. Religion is the law.

Spirituality is the inspiration. Religion is the perspiration.

Spirituality is the question. Religion is the answer.

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