Irish Married Priests?

Irish Married Priests? April 12, 2012

The Irish Independent reports that the majority of Catholics in Ireland want married priests and women priests. Why I don’t understand is why they don’t just nip along and become Anglicans. They will immediately have all their wishes fulfilled. There will be other benefits as well:

  1. They won’t be expected to attend Mass every week.
  2. They won’t be expected to be against contraception and abortion
  3. They can have gay marriage and lesbianism
  4. They can still be ‘Catholic’ (just not “Roman” Catholic)

If they want a church that conforms to the world, the Anglican Church is just the ticket. This is what is called “Erastianism”–in other words a state church–a church that goes along with society rather than challenging society. The best thing about being a Catholic today is that increasingly the Catholic Church is counter-cultural. It’s subersive. It’s making people mad. Powerful people.

And when this happens an amazing power is unleashed. Catholicism finds its voice.

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