Nazi Zombies are Real

Nazi Zombies are Real May 15, 2012

The teenaged guys are down in the basement on X-box and when I go down I realize they are playing some horrible game where they have to slaughter everybody in sight. When I remonstrate they call out cheerfully, “It’s okay Dad. They’re Nazi Zombies.”

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind horror movies and games? Why do we like to hate the Nazi Zombies? Why does Count Dracula turn into a blood sucking monster? Why do werewolves transmogrify? What is it about the living dead? The movies are, of course, make believe (although there are some pretty creepy stories from exorcists of people who do actually transmogrify and become like beasts) but I like stories that make me believe, and what I believe from the horror movies is that real, ordinary people can be transformed into monsters. They really can be transformed into the “living dead”. They really can become mere shells of human beings with their humanity extinguished. They can become Nazi Zombies.

I can’t help thinking of these truths as I witness the gathering storm clouds in our society. The extreme, radical feminists, abortionists, homoexualists and perverts are starting to roam about in our society seeking whom they may devour. We mustn’t forget the greedy corporate executives, the bankers who earn obscene amounts of money from crooked deals, get government buy outs and then reward themselves with million dollar bonuses. We can’t forget the drug barons, the pushers and pimps, the thieves–the gang members who roam our streets or who lurk just beyond our borders. They are out there, and they are growing more and more relentless in their rage. Read more.

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