Nuns on the Run

Nuns on the Run June 14, 2012

When I was at Bob Jones University I can remember a demure undergraduate who was a bit of a bluestocking saying to me, “I really like nuns and would love to be a nun if only they were Christian.”

What she meant was that she wished there were Protestant nuns. She can be forgiven for she was only speaking out of the innocent ignorance in which she had been schooled. However, her comment came to mind this morning while reviewing this news about the LCWR. Cardinal Levada worries that the current dialogue between the Vatican and American sisters may end up being a “dialogue of the deaf”. I worry that it may be a “dialogue of the dead” as so many of the nuns on the run are so ancient.

Jesting aside–I wish I could recall the Bob Jones girl and say, “Oh there’s plenty of Protestant nuns. The only problem is that they are still in the Catholic Church.” Read more.


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