I Wanna See a Miracle!

I Wanna See a Miracle! July 6, 2012

An interesting story has popped up about miracles taking place in India. I’ve heard church workers report that the growth of the church in Africa is also attributed to a rush of miracles happening there. So why no miracles here?

First of all, to see a miracle you have to believe in miracles. C.S.Lewis said he had only ever met one person who had seen a ghost and she didn’t believe in ghosts afterwards either. I also remember the story of the famous atheist A.J.Ayer who had a near death experience and visited what sounds to me like hell. He had a few second thoughts, but he soon bounced back and reverted to his usual atheist mindset. The person who has ruled out the possibility of miracles will always find another answer or will simply leave the data on one side and remain agnostic.

Why then, are there not more miracles reported amongst those who believe? Read more.

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