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Ed the Combox Atheist April 12, 2013


Guest blogger Ed Blanch comments regularly on various religious websites and he blogs at There’s No Sky Fairy where he regularly receives 273 visits a month. Ed is taking a break from his studies at North Jersey College of Technology. Domiciled in his mom’s basement, Ed is busy developing an exciting new video game concept.

He doesn’t have time to write a guest post, but we’ve been lucky enough to have Ed visit the combox where he displays the amazing stuff he learned in his comparative religion class and from the internet. Here’s the latest from Ed.…

I think once again the theist is trying to find ways to attack atheists, and as there are few lagitimate arguments for the theist they resort to things like this, some sort of hypocrisy, although you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to tell the difference between Santa, a bit if harmless fun, a genuine fairy tale which is enjoyed and taken lightly throughout the world, and Christianity, a far right wing, religiously invoked political movement that takes advantage of the uninformed and the vulnerable, and have outrageously damaging beliefs and doctrine. We all stop believing in Santa at an early age, any intelligent mind would do the same with the equally rediculous claims of theological religions…

I mean This is so outrageously rediculous it’s funny, French revolutionary atheist induced murder? Lie!, Nazi regime? Roman Catholic. Stalin regime? A result of left wing politics, not atheism, there is no proof anybody has killed in the name of atheism, hitler was a roman catherlic, who announced his faith several times, and on each S.S. uniform was a religious engraving, devoting them to God. In America it is a small minority, unfortunately for you theists though, this is one that will grow and grow, in the UK here, 70% of the population claim to be irreligious, with 30% claiming to be atheist, Norway, 85% atheist, France 40% , Vietnam 80%, Japan 70%, Europe as a whole over 50% atheists, the figures are growing and growing, the trend does suggest that developing countries are more likely to be religious due to poor education, and the Middle East, probably due to extreme punishments for apostacy, and teachings of Islam in schools as truth. The aging professor, is Richard Dawkins, a pioneer in his field of biology and a soldier of the truth, a true gentleman. If I was you, I would start getting used to atheism, it’s not going anywhere, and unless your intelligently inferior you won’t believe the right wing sadistic bollocks it spouts anyway

I do agree with abortion, I believe a child likely to born in poverty, or as a result if rape, or deformed shouldn’t have to endure the horrific life that would proceed him/her, I do believe it should be a thought out, carefully discussed and professionally advised parental decision.
I don’t worship satan, as I don’t believe he exists, but if you research God, you’ll find he’s a evil, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic, filacidal, jealous, sadistic racist, so given the opportunity I would probably rather go to hell and sit with the more loving lucifer than spend a second worshipping a sadistic moron like that. Harsh I know but true.

PS: I now don’t bother to compose Ed Blanch posts. I just lift stuff straight from the combox –mis spellings and all. The interesting thing is, these quotes are from a guy who is actually called ‘Ed’. 


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