Does Beauty Matter?

Does Beauty Matter? October 29, 2014

IntwithfontTrue story: here in the Bible Belt a young Baptist high school kid goes into a Catholic Church.

He’s smart and amazingly well read.

Already by eleventh grade he has rejected Baptist fundamentalist Christianity. He’s explored the other world religions and rejected them all. He’s on the brink of atheism

Then he steps into a beautiful, old, neo Gothic Catholic Church.

The beauty overwhelms him and he kneels to pray.

He testifies later that at that moment he knew he was supposed to be not only a Catholic, but a Catholic priest.

Today he is a fine young priest, pastoring a parish and living the Catholic faith to the fullest.

Beauty matters.

That’s why we’re trying to build a beautiful Catholic Church in Greenville, South Carolina.

In this church will be a set of fantastic stained glass windows by the master craftsman Wilbur Burnham–salvaged from a church in Massachusetts.

The lower level of the church will contain a shrine to the Divine Mercy with shrines to St Pope John Paul II and St Faustina. Situated right on I-85, this will be a great focus of evangelization and outreach.

The church itself, built in a Romanesque style will preach loudly the beauty, truth and eternal strength of the Catholic faith.

Only one question remains:

Have you, as a reader of this blog contributed to this effort yet?

Our parish is only 550 families in the poorest part of town. We need your help.

We need some major donors. This post explains how close we are to completion.

Will you help? Go to this web page to make an instant donation.

If you appreciate this blog, and my efforts as a priest will you make a donation to help me in this cause?

If you are interested in making major donation with a naming opportunity, please email me through the contact page on my website to discuss.

Thank you for your generosity and thanks to the many readers of the blog who have already donated!

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