We Are All to Blame for the Marriage Meltdown

We Are All to Blame for the Marriage Meltdown April 30, 2015

marriage breakupIn the wake of the recent resounding  thumbs up to same sex marriage in Ireland, and as the Supreme Court debates the issue of same sex marriage and Pope Francis prepares for the second round of what promises to be a bruising Synod on the Family we should all wake up to the fact that marriage is a mess.

We should open our eyes and realize that the human race is in a historic battle to understand what marriage is, and if we are struggling with a true understanding of marriage, then we’re really talking about the survival of human civilization because strong marriages and families are the foundation of civilized and human societies.

It’s easy to blame the “sexual revolution” and without a doubt artificial contraception and artificial conception have a role to play in the meltdown of marriage.

But it’s too easy to blame the sexual revolution–as if the only problem is a busload of unwashed, promiscuous kids at Woodstock.

In fact we are all to blame. We’ve all sucked up the devil’s Kool Aid and most of us have done so for good, middle class, common sense reasons.

We’ve thought things through. We’ve “listened respectfully to the church teachings” and then done whatever we please. We’ve disobeyed the church’s teachings telling ourselves that it is for our wife’s sake because “she really shouldn’t have to bear more children” or for our husband’s sake so he won’t have to support such a large family, or for our existing kids’ sake “we want to focus on the children we already have…”

We have used artificial contraception so that the children we do have will have better lives.  Continue Reading

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