Hey Baby!

Hey Baby! January 31, 2018

beautiful-babyOn Monday fourteen Senators who identify publicly as Catholics voted for late term abortion to be legal in the United States.

We should be clear. Late term abortion means the dismemberment of an unborn child, the crushing of its skull and removal from the mother’s body.

Usually the child is killed first with a lethal injection, but if it is not, then the science shows that the child feels pain as his arms and legs are ripped off.

This morning, two days later, most of the press outlets are silent about this crime. Furthermore, leading Catholic news outlets didn’t even report on the vote, much less name the fourteen Catholic senators who voted for the dismemberment of unborn children.

As of this morning the website of the USCCB – The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was silent. CRUX Now is silent. America Magazine is silent. National Catholic Reporter is silent.

National Catholic Register and Catholic News Agency reported on the vote, but did not mention the votes of the Catholic senators who, if they had voted according to the faith they profess, would have  passed the bill.

Such a crime is committed and Catholic America yawns.

What can you do about it? I guess one thing you can do is make your voice heard and write a short, respectful letter to the senators, their bishops and the editors of the papers expressing your concern.


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