Tree of Life Synagogue and the Tree of Death

Tree of Life Synagogue and the Tree of Death October 29, 2018

I couldn’t help noticing the irony that the terrible shooting over the weekend took place in a synagogue named “Tree of Life”

My blog post today over at my main blog explores the heart of darkness in yet another senseless killing in America.

So in a calm weekend in suburbia another gunman loads his weapon and starts the killing.

The fact that our country is faced weekly with outbreaks of absurd and horrible murders indicates a serious sickness in the heart of our nation.

We’re not just mentally sick and emotionally twisted.

We’re soul sick. Our soul has a deeply rooted poison ivy growing through it, and there is only one cure.

I’m a Catholic priest, so I must proclaim that one cure even though that cure is despised and rejected by the very souls who need it most.

That too is part of the terminal soul sickness from which we suffer.

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Image Masaccio -Expulsion from the Garden – Creative Commons

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