Is Benedict XVI Still the Pope?

Is Benedict XVI Still the Pope? July 17, 2019

A book that came out in Italian last year has now been translated into English. Antonio Socci is a journalist specializing in Vatican affairs. He’s written a book in three parts. The first examines the details of Benedict XVI’s historic resignation. He speculates about international conspiracies and a plan to oust Benedict for Francis. The second part analyzes the present situation. Is Benedict still pope? The answer is ambiguous but interesting. The third part of the book digs into the prophecies of Fatima and St Malachy and the author speculates in an apocalyptic manner.

What do I think of it? Well, I must admit, part of me has always been a sucker for conspiracy theories. They are always tantalizing inasmuch as there is always just enough evidence to think, “Well what if?” But I’m not really convinced about this one or most the others. I’ve written further about the weird phenomenon of conspiracy theories here.

You can read my full review of The Secret of Benedict XVI over at my main blog here.

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