Spiral Lessons: Leveling Up & Cycles Of Growth

Spiral Lessons: Leveling Up & Cycles Of Growth October 24, 2020

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Revel in the spiral. Photo courtesy of Pxfuel.

Every day, we learn more what it means to be a person/ pagan/ witch in the world.  The insights can feel so deep and true in the moment.  They may heal our wounds (or parts of our wounds), or inspire us to live better.  Often times, these lessons trigger the desire for more exploration and searching for additional insights.

Over time, these insights get amassed, and we “level up.”  In other words, we learn a big lesson, or group of lessons, and we begin to see things from a new perspective.  We’re different people than we were when those wounds were created.  We’re also different from who we were when we had our last realizations.

This means that we’re now open to a realm of new possibilities and insights.  With our uniquely different energy, we can connect with people or ideas in new ways and continue the learning process.

If old wounds remain from the last cycle, we can approach them with newfound clarity.  We gain even more new insights and information about them.

We can also understand things on a more compassionate level for ourselves and others.  This is because leveling up gives us we more knowledge, objectivity, and wisdom about ourselves, the world, and other people.

I call these recurring insights on the same things “spiral lessons” or “walking the spiral path,” because we may pass the same things, but from different perspectives.

The insights that come from the spiral lessons occur in all areas of my life.  Often times, these realizations give me wisdom about a psychological or physical part of my life, but it’s not limited to that arena.  It’s true with my magical practices as well.

Whenever I level up, I understand the concepts and applications of magic on a deeper level.  This is why I come back to the basics quite often–because there’s always something I can use that improves my practice altogether.  It’s also why I included a basic energetic perspective of witchcraft in Intuitive Witchcraft.

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Photo courtesy of Pikist

The spiral lessons are why I read so many books of all kinds of genres, ranging from magical practices, ancient pagan religions, and modern witchcraft to adjacent subjects like philosophy, psychology, astrology, meditation, and sociology.

I’m so thirsty to learn more, to continue leveling up, going deeper, spiraling in, and spiraling out.  When I have an insight on a lesson I learned long ago, it’s exhilarating.  It reveals so much about the truly energetic nature of magic and the world.

Spiral lessons come along with the journey of growing old—we experience the spiraling in and out, the knowing, and the knowing more. I’m learning and growing on ever-more meaningful and more soulful levels.  It’s a beautiful path.

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Photo courtesy of Pikrepo

I see the trail markers of the spiral journey when I work with tarot cards.  A lesson’s path is represented by each card in the major arcana and the elemental suits.  When we level up, we start over at the Fool or the Ace card, and begin the journey again.  Sometimes we get stuck on one card for a while.  Sometimes we skip ahead or fall back.  The card likely means something different in every cycle.  In other words, the 5 of wands you get today may tell you much deeper information than it did when you pulled it five years ago.

The spiral lessons also appear whenever I attend a sabbat ritual.  I’m reminded of where I was one year before, or ten years before–I recall what I was doing, my mindset, and my energy.  Often times, it’s a great reflection point for me because I can see how much I’ve grown.

When you experience a spiral lesson from leveling up, I hope you celebrate and continue on your path.  Those lessons are reminders that we can grow, change, and heal.  They bring up the fact that we can gain wisdom and acceptance, especially over time.  I also believe spiral lessons are signs to keep going, keep searching, and keep doing the good, hard work.

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