Doorframe Spells For Protection, Love, Magic, & More

Doorframe Spells For Protection, Love, Magic, & More February 2, 2021

Most doorframes have a tiny ledge up high that’s perfect for hiding crystals and herbs.    When your favorite magical correspondences are combined, elevated on a doorframe, and given an intention, they create a spell to give your doorframes extra special energy.  These spells can enhance your rooms to the maximum benefit every time you pass beneath them.

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Doorframes are pretty special.  They stand between one place and another, such as the hallway and the ritual room, or outside and inside.  As such, doorframes are liminal spaces.  They also act as portals, in a way, from a place with one specific energy and purpose to a whole other place with a much different energy and purpose.  

I’ve used these doorframe spells since I was a teenager–when I first started making my own intuitive witchcraft spells.  When I saw in a witch shop that snowflake obsidian protected against theft, I bought two–one for my front door, and one for my back door.

They really work.  My home or room has never got broken into, even though I’ve lived in sketchy neighborhoods.  Since that time, I branched out and started trying other gemstones and herbs.  The result has been simply magical.  This article covers ideas for all kinds of doorframe spells as well as some tips.

1. Choose a Doorframe and Consider The Purpose

Choose a room and a doorframe that you’ll want to enchant.  They should speak to you the loudest as the most pressing issue you have with your home.

Consider the purpose–what do you want the room the do?  What kind of energy do you want to cultivate?

2. Clean & Cleanse The Doorframe

You’ll be using the “inside” doorframe to work with the energy of the inside of your home or your room. Clean the top of that doorframe with a wet cloth, then follow that with a dry cloth.  This usually picks up the majority of the dust particles.

Next, cleanse the top of the doorframe.  You can cleanse it with incense, breath, burning herbs, or whatever you prefer.  This removes the energy of anyone else who has touched it or had an energetic impact on it.

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3.  Gather Correspondences

Now that you have a purpose, go through the crystals and herbs you have to look for items that correspond to the energy you want to bring into that room.  You can use your intuition to sense the energy, or you can look them up in a book.

Below are a few purposes and their traditional correspondences.  Use them as guidelines for your magic–using what you have and combining items until they feel right.

  • Anti-theft: snowflake obsidian, cumin seeds.  These are especially useful on doorframes that lead outside.
  • Protection: obsidian, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, bay, black pepper.  Use these in any room where you want spiritual protection.  If this is a big issue for you, I recommend placing them on your windowsills as well.
  • Love and romance: rose quartz, rose petals, hibiscus.  These set a nice atmosphere for bedrooms.
  • Communication: sodalite, peppermint, ginkgo.  This combination is helpful for a home office, a video studio, or a writing desk.
  • Peace: clear quartz, lapis lazuli, ashwagandha, holy basil
  • Grounded energy: garnet, hematite, dandelion root or any other grounding stones
  • Healing: amethyst, aquamarine, rhodochrosite, rosemary, comfrey
  • Sleep: flint, hops, valerian root, chamomile
  • Higher spiritual energy: selenite, amethyst, moldavite, mugwort, witch hazel, vervain, or any other elevating stones

doorframe spells magic witchcraft herbs crystals love protection magick

4. Place Them and Recite Your Intention

Stand on a sturdy stool and place your herbs and crystals on the doorframe.  Put them toward the inside corners of the door (closer to the hinge side) to avoid them from falling when the door opens.

When you’re done arranging them, say an intention or think it while touching the doorframe.  Here’s an example:

“I elevate these magical items, far above my head.  May they bless this doorframe with the energy of ______(intention)_____.

May they bless this room with ______(intention)________.

And every time I pass beneath them, may they inspire me to increase this energy and recharge it, growing it evermore.”

5. Envision and Release

Envision that your spell is successful.  Hold the image in your head for a moment.  Feel the energy in your body as if it’s already working. When you feel comfortable with it, thank the correspondences and the doorframe.  Send them gratitude for helping you do this important work.  At this point, you’re free to shift gears and go about your day.

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Tips for Doorframe Magic

Any stone or herb will do, but the smaller, the better so they don’t fall off.

Only use dried herbs.  Fresh herbs might mold.

Use small chips of gemstones or a string of chipped gemstones.

It’s okay to use broken stones or crystals on your doorframes.  They might not be nice enough to display on an altar, but they still have energies you can tap into.

If you’re worried a stone might fall, you can glue the stone to the doorframe, though this is not recommended for renters.

I don’t recommend putting crystals onto shaky doorframes or in a home where someone slams the doors.

Don’t use herbs with a lot of natural sugar in them to avoid attracting insects.  If you notice insects around the frame, investigate and clean up, if needed.

If there’s a crack between the doorframe and the wall, use caution with this spell.  Your item could drop between them and you might never see it again.  This could cause the doorframe to rattle.

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