Coincidence Magic: Influencing The Odds To Ever Be In Your Favor

Coincidence Magic: Influencing The Odds To Ever Be In Your Favor July 10, 2018
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I don’t think that it’s by accident but rather by design that Hermes as a god is frequently associated with various forms of magic at the same time he’s also a god of chance, luck, and gambling. Like a lot of liminal deities who act as intermediaries and gatekeepers, he’s a fantastic god to commune with in order to get stuff done.

If you want to get stuff done as an occultist there are many forms of magic you can use. One of the best is what amounts to coincidence magic where you essentially influence events around you to bring about the results that you want. Some may argue that this is what magic ultimately is in its entirety, but magic itself is fairly broad in scope and there are other ways besides rigging the rice, so to speak, to get the job done.

So what sorts of things are good for influencing odds and chances with magic? What sorts of scenarios can benefit most from this type of working?

  • Getting jobs, especially good ones. So much of the business world is being at the right place and at the right time, and while the rest is up to you, using magic to influence good and better opportunities to come your way is a great use of this.
  • Finances and money. Landing chances to obtain additional money is frequently best served through influencing the odds in your favor, and this is a fantastic use of said magic.
  • Trying to make any event or situation happen that isn’t too specific. This may sound awfully generic and if interpreted in a particular way you might think that this is pretty much any type of magic, but I mean this in a very literal way. Suppose you are looking to get out and find a new relationship, but the difficulty is creating a scenario where you will meet more people, especially those who are like-minded and share your interests. Note that it’s not terribly specific; you’re not looking for any particular person and your scope is broad. This is a great use of influencing the odds.
  • Influencing and/or boosting an already existing more specific spellworking. This is especially useful for helping with large scale magical operations, those with a large goal that are in a state of constantly being worked on. A good example would be anything involving world events.


This is where you would create your petition and appeal to whatever forces, daimons, or deities whom you work with to help influence the odds to be in your favor. Here the idea of your magic is “give me the increased opportunities to get what I want” versus a more direct “this is exactly what I want”. If you have concerns that you’re leaving out potentials for a particular outcome to occur that you’re working on, this may be the best type of magic to use: the idea of influencing “coincidences” to get what you want.


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