Top Posts of August

Top Posts of August September 6, 2013

August was a lot of fun with interesting discussion on a number of posts. This community is best when it’s talking, so I love to see people engaging and wondering and explaining from their own perspectives.

1) Happy Birthday, Krishna. I posted a short guide to the Hindu holiday of Krishna Janmashtami and it seems like everyone really enjoyed that one. It’s gotten more hits than any other post on my blog ever and it’s only been up since the end of August! I guess that means that a lot of people were celebrating Krishna’s birthday and that makes me very happy. Jai Sri Krishna.

2) Krishna is a Myth, Jesus is a Myth. Another Krishna themed post. I knew this one would get some attention, as I purposely made the title startling. I hope people understood the point I was trying to make that I don’t NEED any proof of Krishna’s life to believe in him and his teachings.

3) Who Is Krishna? Apparently I need to do more posts about Krishna! He’s a very popular guy. I think I need to also gather all my “Meet a God” posts into one page so newcomers can easily find information about Gods.

4) My wedding post! Yay. I’m glad this one got some views. I am really pleased with how it all came together and I think we got some wonderful pictures. I also hope that this post will be a good resource for people who are planning interfaith weddings and having trouble envisioning it.

5) Happy Independence Day. This was a small post to acknowledge India’s independence day. I think a lot of people were celebrating in August!  Since I didn’t feel that it is my place to comment on India’s politics, I tried to gather some interesting media about it. I hope it was helpful and/or interesting! I love hearing different versions of Vande Mataram, too (and once did a bharatnatyam dance to it)!


Can you believe I’ve been at Patheos for nearly a year? Just a few more months before my Patheos anniversary! I was so nervous about being able to create content every weekday, but so far it’s been just fine and I’ve got lots more ideas.

What kinds of posts would you like to see more of?

I have been offered another wonderful opportunity. I’m going to be adding another Patheos blog, Getting Personal With The White Hindu. It will be a subscription-based community emphasizing new Hindus and those interested in how to become Hindu. I will probably pull back to posting here three times a week and posting there with the other two, offering more detailed and lengthy posts there. The two blogs will work together, though, and complement one another.

Some other things that I will be able to offer to subscribers include weekly live chats with me and my personal help getting you set up with a Hindu community in your area.

I’m very excited for the changes and I’ll let you know as soon as the new blog is up and running!

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