Taking the Christ out of Christmas

Taking the Christ out of Christmas December 15, 2016

Every year I never know quite how I’m going to feel about Christmas. Sometimes I’m bothered by its prevalence and how omnipresent Christianity is in America’s culture. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

This year I feel a little better about it because Diwali actually got some attention. There was a Diwali holiday stamp this year at the post office for the first time and the makeup company M.A.C. made a Diwali-themed makeup pallette.

I wasn’t going to go to the holiday party my mom’s group was doing. Despite it being called a Holiday Party, there was a Santa and a decorated tree and presents handed out and Christmas music. But I decided to go when I realized that all the moms would be there and it would be a chance to meet some spouses and introduce Brad. They are a wonderful group of ladies. The party was nice. It was fun. And one of the moms realized why I had been reluctant to come and reassured me that there was nothing religious about the party. (Plus Brad and I were pretty pleased that the Santa was played by a Black man. If we’re going to have a Santa, may as well have one that is a stepping stone towards teaching respect and affection for Black men).

I still don’t know whether I want to celebrate Christmas with Garrick Ravi. I’m leaning pretty strongly towards yes right now, though. Before he was born I had plans and theories about the perfect way to raise him, but now that he’s here things don’t feel quite as intense or critical as they did before. (In fact the only thing I still feel is critical is not letting him know about the Star Wars prequel movies).Most of his extended family celebrate Christmas and a good chunk of them are atheists.

I think we may celebrate it as a happy occasion to see family. Meaning yes, we are going to take the Christ out of Christmas! Why should I deny Garrick Ravi any opportunity for celebration and good cheer, not to mention presents?

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  • Donald M

    But, it doesn’t seem like Christ is the problem with Christmas. Likely an incarnation of Vishnu, it is hard to find fault with him.

    • Ambaa

      True Enough!

  • Maya Resnikoff

    One way that Jews with Christian families deal with the CHristmas thing is to celebrate with their families, at their families’ homes, but not do Christmas in their own home- it’s a “we’re celebrating Grandma’s holiday with her” rather than “We’re celebrating Christmas”.

    • Ambaa Choate

      I like that a lot

  • Pennybird

    Our atheist family has no trouble keeping Christ out of Christmas. We have all the usual trappings except the nativity scene, so it’s a secular affair. Well, candy canes have religious connotations, but how many kids know that?

    I hope you enjoyed your celebrations.