Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK TWO #BindiFashion #Moms30For30

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK TWO #BindiFashion #Moms30For30 May 13, 2017

It is week two. Things I’ve experienced so far in my #Moms30for30 capsule wardrobe challenge:

  • It requires doing way too much laundry
  • One of my pants was too tight and last night it tore across the bottom, so I’m going to have to swap in something else
  • Despite the variety of styling, there’s still a lot of sameness because of the colors and patterns

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK ONE #BindiFashion #Moms30For30

Let me know in the comments which of these looks is your favorite!


Day Six


There were two outfits on Saturday. The first for a 5k walk to help the Trisomy 18 Research Foundation. One of the moms in my mom group has a daughter with Trisomy 18. The second for another fundraiser for my friend’s niece, Sami (who I’ve mentioned before).

A Good Cause

(You’ll notice this post is from four years ago. Sami is still dealing with a lot of issues and health complications)

Day Seven


Day Eight


Day Nine


(I figured out how to use my phone to take rapid “burst” photos in selfie mode so I can catch things like this hair flip! )


Day Ten


These are the pants that are no longer. If they had torn along a seam I could have repaired them, but they did not.

Day Eleven

capsule wardrobe

Day Twelve


Which of my looks from this week is your favorite?

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge #Moms30For30 May 2017

Capsule Wardrobe For People Who Love Color and Print


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