Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK ONE #BindiFashion #Moms30For30

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK ONE #BindiFashion #Moms30For30 May 6, 2017

Here are my outfits for the first week of my Capsule Wardrobe challenge! I’ll be collecting these once a week for the month of May. I apologize now that there isn’t spiritual content in these posts! Just a little touch of “real life.” My real life, anyway. I’m no ascetic!

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge #Moms30For30 May 2017

capsule wardrobe challengeThese are the nine pieces that I am mixing and matching for the month of May.

Day One:


Day Two:


Day Three:


Day Four:


Day Five:


I also made a video about how I’m using the Stylebook App to plan my outfits for this challenge:

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