Daily Puja Video Round Up (Hindu Worship)

Daily Puja Video Round Up (Hindu Worship) May 5, 2017

I’ve been working on developing my Youtube channel lately and in the process I’m exploring lots of great Hinduism-related videos. I thought I would gather up for you a bunch of examples of people doing regular daily home pujas (Hindu worship). You’ll be able to see how much variety there is in people’s practices. I love how all these videos are real people just showing a glimpse into their Hindu lifestyle.

First up, here is mine! I made this one a while ago. It might be time for an update at some point soon!

Here is more information on developing your own home Hindu worship practice:

Super Simple Daily Puja

Your daily puja can be as complex or as simple as you would like. One piece of advice I’ve heard a lot is to start small and not take on more than you can keep up with regularly. Some people see it as an insult to the Gods if you begin doing something and don’t follow through or let the practice drop off. I struggle with that as there is not much in my life that is consistent.

In this next one you can see that you don’t need a whole room, just use whatever space you’ve got to create your Hindu worship space.

Nothing fancy here, but this mom is making sure her child gets a little bit of Hindu worship in her morning. Once the baby is a little older she can start following along like the children in some of these other videos.

Another family with a small worship space. I love how they are using the ottoman bench as a seat. Very creative. Seeing the kids getting involved is so inspiring for me. I am looking forward to when Garrick Ravi is old enough to join me in morning worship.

This last one is more of a how-to rather than just showing you it being done. I love how clear his instructions are. I reached out to this creator to see about doing a Youtube collaboration.

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