We’re #95! We’re #95 We’re #95!!

According to Kent Shaffer at Church Relevance, “The Anxious Bench” is the 95th best “church blog” on the Internet.  I am not sure what this all means, but the ranking has me thinking.  Are we really a “church blog?”  I prefer to think of us as a religious history blog that might be useful to those in the church.  Whatever the case, I think it is OK to pat ourselves on the collective back–we broke the top 100!

By the way, Tim Dalrymple, the guru of all things Patheos and our benevolent patron here at The Anxious Bench, has a nice post explaining what these rankings mean and what they do not mean.  Read it here.

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  • Philip Jenkins

    And we will rise higher still in the charts if we can avoid those pesky recruiting violations and NCAA infractions….

  • 95, of course, has a distinguished tradition in church history! after just a few months in operation, I think 95 is not too bad…

  • John Fea

    Tommy: In light of Philip’s comment, I just want to make sure everything was on the “up and up” when you recruited the Howards to the blog. I would like to make a bowl game this year.

  • ha, ha

  • Philip Jenkins

    In church history, I believe we call them Chalice Games.

  • Bob Wiley

    Looks like you boys are having fun.

  • Philip Jenkins

    Nonsense, this is serious academic discourse.

  • I think you guys got a raw deal. I had you at 88, which has a distinguished pedigree in recent church history among rapture-watchers.