Welcome New Anxious Bench Blogger David Swartz!

This coming week we are welcoming another new blogger to the Anxious Bench roster, David Swartz of Asbury University.

From David’s website : David R. Swartz is an assistant professor of history at Asbury University. He earned his Ph.D. in American history at the University of Notre Dame under the direction of George Marsden and Mark Noll. His areas of expertise and teaching interest include American religious history, twentieth-century American politics, global religion, and issues of war and peace.

In 2012, David published Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism with the University of Pennsylvania Press. You can follow David on Twitter @davidrswartz. We are delighted to welcome David (and, as we announced last week, Miles Mullin) to the Anxious Bench team.



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