The Pilgrimage— Israel: Part One

Why do people make pilgrimages to Israel? Do they think God is more present in Israel than in other lands? Do they think they need to make such a trip to get closer to Jesus? Why do already baptized people want to be rebaptized in the Jordan? Doubtless, there are lots of different reasons Christians go to Israel, and most of them don't go just because they got a good deal on a 'tour'. Touring is one thing, a pilgrimage is another. I was fortunate enough to lead a tour to Israel and … [Read more...]

Plain Movies/Plane Movies Part Two

There are good movies that come and go in the theaters without a lot of fanfare, while other dogs remain barking for weeks in the same theaters. There is no accounting for taste when it comes to some folks. Stuck on a ten hour flight from Istanbul to NY a week or so ago, I watched three movies to pass the time---: 1) Nebraska; 2) Grudge Match; 3) Ruby Sparks. The first and last of these movies received considerable acclaim, and in the case of Nebraska some Oscar nominations. Grudge Match, yet … [Read more...]

Who Wrote the Gospels?

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After All— On the Folly of War

After all the wars are over, And all the battles won, After all the blood's been spilt, From here to kingdom come,Do you think it really mattered In the larger scheme of things That this nation took the prize Or that one got no rings?So what if one lasts longer Outlasting all their foes While another bites the dust And sooner tastes the woes.All empires rise and fall Not one endures forever Every nation has a life span Despite plans and best endeavors.After all the … [Read more...]

An Interview about the Art West Novels

Stream or download the interview at" … [Read more...]

Yon Witheringtons

I was minding my own business when I got an email from Germany from one Jochen Froelich. Seems that 30 years ago he went to a flea market, to a bookstall, and bought two old commentaries by Martin Luther which were translated into English in 1635 and 1637 (the one on the Psalms being the later one). Mr. Froelich decided to do a Google search on the Witherington name and came up with me. He wrote to ask if my family has a history of being Bible commentators. Not to my knowledge I replied, but … [Read more...]

Priests with Light Sabres????

It would appear that during the summer movie season, especially with sci fi movies continually being churned out, that Orthodox priests have been infected with the Star Trek disease. … [Read more...]

What’s Tebow Been Doing While without a Football Contract??

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A Day At the Races– Keenland

Ahh Keenland, where you see beautiful graceful horses, lots of frantic bettors, and ladies in hats that normally would be called Easter bonnets. But this is the last week of the Spring horse races at Keenland, and so I took my wife Ann and her sister Elaine out for a day at the races. There was also a pretty good spread in the Lexington Room on the fourth floor where we sat and watched the races on a somewhat rainy and windy day. And all this fun is only 15 minutes from our house. Here are … [Read more...]