I’ve been digging around in my Facebook account, because of the new “timeline” format.  I looked around for a photo and eventually settled on the same view of Lake Lucille in my blog header above.  (Do you like the new Facebook timeline?  This is how my page looks now, with the gigantic photo at the top. It will take me a bit to get used to it!)

However, as I was looking through pictures, I found this photo of Tripp and a friend of mine!

Can you see Tripp’s little outfit?  My little boy has always loved hockey and riding snow machines like my dad. Now, I’ve enrolled him in a taekwondo class… Of course, this is only a good thing until he starts trying to break my coffee table in two.

If he does that, I’ll say, “taekwodon’t!”

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  • Mary GW

    Very cute picture Bristol.. I do like Timeline for my own use. I know that a lot of people who play games on Facebook hate it because they can’t find the game shares but I like looking back at things I post… I think it looks better. Yes, I am looking at my own page….LOL!!!

  • Mrs B

    I put my daughter in taekwondo classes when she small, she loved it. It kept her in great physical condition. One thing they teach in those classes is respect for others as well as themselves. It’s a wonderful way to learn about life. You won’t regret putting him in the classes. Enjoy him, Bristol. Children don’t stay that small for very long. My best regards to your good parents.

  • Frederick Lang

    Beautiful photo Bristol but in one word about if I like the new Facebook Timeline…NO!

    God bless

  • Jack Bennett

    I love the way you share your family moments with all of us, T/Y God bless you.

  • http://www.ak365.blogspot.com LisaJ

    I love going to Lake Lucille for photo ops. Looking across the water at the Chugach Mtns is always a beautiful sight, no matter the time of year. We are so lucky to live in the Mat-Su, surrounded by such beauty!

    It’s terrific that Tripp is so involved in so many different things at such a young age! Keep him busy, let him learn new things and watch him blossom!

    As for Facebook, my personal page hasnt switched over yet but I have a business page that did and I HATE it. The thing giving me the biggest problem? The stupid timeline cover photo! I have been fighting with it for 2 days now and it wont fit, grrrr. Dang Facebook!

    Have a great weekend Bristol!

  • Wayne R

    I’m still getting used to the “new” facebook page too. Eventually I will get the hang of it. It always takes us old folks a little longer!

    I do like the panoramic view of the lake at the top of your page

  • http://www.mikes-show-n-shine.com Michael Sipe

    Nice pic, Bristol. Trigg is so cute! I haven’t seen the new FB page yet, so can’t comment. Hopefully it won’t be harder to use…..

    • http://www.mikes-show-n-shine.com Michael Sipe

      Whoops!!! I mean Tripp!!!!! Sorry!!!!

  • Jan

    Darling photo of Tripp,your friend and you.
    We are thrilled your mom is co-hosting The Today. Tuesday, April3.

  • blackbird

    I do not have a facebook account, but I have briefly seen the timeline, it looks user friendly also I do not like the box in the header it takes away from the header photo.

    Tripp in his taekwondo outfit reminds me of the The Force: Volkswagen Commercial.


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    By Steve Goodier: lifesupportsystem (dot com)

  • kate

    what a happy photo. Are you going to do taekwondo as well?