I’ve been digging around in my Facebook account, because of the new “timeline” format.  I looked around for a photo and eventually settled on the same view of Lake Lucille in my blog header above.  (Do you like the new Facebook timeline?  This is how my page looks now, with the gigantic photo at the top. It will take me a bit to get used to it!)

However, as I was looking through pictures, I found this photo of Tripp and a friend of mine!

Can you see Tripp’s little outfit?  My little boy has always loved hockey and riding snow machines like my dad. Now, I’ve enrolled him in a taekwondo class… Of course, this is only a good thing until he starts trying to break my coffee table in two.

If he does that, I’ll say, “taekwodon’t!”

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  • Chris in Ottumwa

    One cute kid! So glad you went the route of having your baby instead of the sad route many ladies take with abortion. I can’t imagine how many cute kids are not here because of abortion! It is so sad for the kids and for the parents, too.

  • myj

    I thought you and Gino were getting marry and plan to have more kids… Tripp is one handsome little dude, he must have gotten his blond hair and blue eyes from his Auntie… Gino, ok, as long as Tripp know and have a relationship with his real father, Levi… This is very improtant for his self-esteem, that he is loved by his father, even if you and Levi have nothing to do with each other…. It will take Tripp a long way, just by having a good relationship with his father.

    • bellagrazi

      Is this Mercede? Haha Actually, I think Tripp looks a lot like his Papa. (Bristol’s dad) I’d love to see a picture of him when he was a child. And, of course, Tripp resembles Bristol to a “T”. (who favors her dad’s side) Levi had the opportunity to be in Tripp’s life, but blew it. He has no job, no responsibilities, and no future. It’s more important that Tripp has stability in his life. Levi doesn’t provide that.

      • myj

        No, it not Mercede…. Levi had blond hair when he was about Tripp age… Well the picture I saw, he was a little older. He also look like his Aunt Mercede and grandmother, Sherri? I think that’s her name, no sure…

        • bellagrazi

          Tripp does not look like Mercede or her mom at all! He’s got beautiful features. Of course he resembles Levi a little, he’s his biological father. But he’s starting to look more and more like Bristol as he gets older.

      • myj

        No… I believe Bristol is keeping Tripp from Levi and his family, it is wrong. In the long run it can cause Tripp to rebell against her when he get order. If she talk negative about his father in front him, it will backfire… It will destroy his self-esteem, because his father will always be apart of him. I have seen it happen many time.

        • bellagrazi

          Bristol is not keeping Tripp from Levi. Levi has no interest in being a father to Tripp. So, of course, he has to lie about the situation, because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions. Tripp has very strong male figures in his life. He will do just fine without Levi.

    • Georgia

      myj, I respectfully disagree. If Gino and Bristol marry, I hope that he will adopt Tripp, and that “deadbeat” Levi graciously gives him permission to do so. The last thing that Tripp needs, in his life, is an irresponsible, self-absorbed and selfish deadbeat father, who wouldn’t recognize TRUTH if it bit him, on the arse. Right now, Levi owes Bristol about $40,000 in unpaid child support payments. It appears that Levi is not fit to parent, Tripp. He ought to just leave Tripp alone and permit him to have role models like Todd and his uncle Track, men with impeccable morals, values, standards, principles and religious convictions. They are both honorable, hard-working and reliable men. If Bristol marries Gino, she has chosen the man she wants to influence Tripp’s life.

      • bellagrazi

        Very well-said, Georgia. Levi’s camp has been extremely quiet regarding his neglect in paying child support for Tripp. Truth hurts. Bristol has always said that Gino is awesome with Tripp. He’s more of a dad to him than Levi ever was. It’s time that Levi does what’s best for Tripp. He needs to sign over his rights as soon as possible.

  • http://www.patheos.com/Shop/Spirituality-Store.html mistah charley, ph.d.

    Love is the reason for living.

  • Jan

    I hope you respond on your blog to the accusations The View “hens” clacked about you Thursday, April 5. They said they were quoting the National Enquirer and Joyless Behar judged you as usual.

    • bellagrazi

      I’d love for Bristol to respond, also. The “ladies” of The View could not have portrayed Bristol and Gino in a worse light. My blood was boiling as I watched that clip. Which is exactly why I never watch that show. It’s an extremely hostile environment for conservatives.

      • Georgia

        I agree. Bristol please challenge the so-called “ladies” on “the View” and set the record straight.

  • Joel Luther

    LOL!! “taekwodon’t!” Nice posting, Bristol Palin!! We love you and Tripp so much!! LOL!! As i like to tell everyone, “I’m ready to FIRE OBAMA & HIRE TRIG’S MOMMA!!” SarahBarracuda2012!! :)

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