I’ve been digging around in my Facebook account, because of the new “timeline” format.  I looked around for a photo and eventually settled on the same view of Lake Lucille in my blog header above.  (Do you like the new Facebook timeline?  This is how my page looks now, with the gigantic photo at the top. It will take me a bit to get used to it!)

However, as I was looking through pictures, I found this photo of Tripp and a friend of mine!

Can you see Tripp’s little outfit?  My little boy has always loved hockey and riding snow machines like my dad. Now, I’ve enrolled him in a taekwondo class… Of course, this is only a good thing until he starts trying to break my coffee table in two.

If he does that, I’ll say, “taekwodon’t!”

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  • Tootie

    The REAL father of Tripp will be the one who rears him and loves him and is there for him. I hope that will soon be Gino. Oh, don’t they three look wonderful together?!

    Sarah Palin will be our President soon I believe. Jesus’ hand is on her. What a marvelous President she will be!

  • Millie


    This picture was on her facebook a few weeks
    back. Not the first time she has put it out.

  • Millie


    Also there are other picture of her with
    this young man, like the “Running of
    the Raindeer” in Alaska a while back.

  • Michael

    So??? What’s your point???

  • bellagrazi

    It’s Bristol’s Blog. She can post whatever she wants to. Bristol posted this picture on her FB page weeks ago. She wanted to talk about how she enrolled Tripp in taekwondo. What better photo to illustrate that? Not everything revolves around Levi. In fact, nothing does. Bristol is living her life to the fullest. Levi needs to get on with his. He can start by getting a job.

  • bellagrazi

    Your obsession with this photo is very odd. What does it matter if it was posted on Bristol’s Blog? What’s the difference? She has a FB page and a blog. She may post the same content on both. As for Levi, sure he has a new girlfriend. And now she is pregnant, and has to support Levi and the baby. Bristol has a job as a receptionist at a Dermatology place. But you already knew that. Bristol is Tripp’s sole support. So instead of trying to elevate an unemployed Levi, you should admire the fact that Bristol is a single mom taking care of her son.