What is Easter About Anyway?

We got a lot of response from my post “How I Got Over My Very Public Mistakes,” and I think it’s because everyone deals with regret.

This Easter week, let’s focus on something else.

After all, it’s not about what you’ve done, it’s about what’s been done for you.

Okay, I didn’t just make that up.  It’s a lyric to this song I just heard called “You Are More” by a band called Tenth Avenue North.  And it wasn’t written about Easter, but this is a particularly good week for us to take our eyes off ourselves and put them where they belong.

After all, we are more than our mistakes.  Enjoy this video of the song, which fits so well with last week’s post – even down to the chalkboard theme.

Have a great Easter week — you’ve been remade!

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  • Vicky

    God is so good! The old testament proves we can’t do it on our own. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us…that we can chose to have a relationship with You! There’s not any “works” I can do to make me good enough. One door – Jesus. What He did makes me good enough. I praise you Lord!

  • Don Bland

    Hi, Bristol,
    You are a lovely young lady whom we admire for your honesty, openness, and faith. I am old enough to be your great grandfather and I have one who is 20 and a beautiful lady. You will be a great blessing in your lifetime by just being steadfast in your faith and walking with God. We admire your mother and only wish she were our President. She is a great lady and I forgot to tune in this morning and regret that.
    God bless you and your handsome son.

  • http://yahoo Ruth Aurelio

    Happy Easter to the Palin family! Love the meaningful lyrics of the song.
    Your Mom went rogue in the “Today” show this morning. Matt Lauer must have squirmed in his seat every time your Mom said “Anybody But Obama” and “lame stream” media.

  • kate

    greetings to you and thank you for the always interesting and very well written blog. Bless you and your boy, your family and your mum who has great spunk and not forgetting the oh so cute Trig. Cheers Kate,

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    Great song! Thanks for sharing :)

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  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol :)

    Cool Song and Great Video!

    And hey, your Mom did great on The Today show.

  • CJ

    Hi Bristol :)
    For me, the month surrounding Resurrection Sunday is a very emotional time. It is a time of personal reflection, deep sadness and indescribable gratitude. It is a time when I re-watch “THE PASSION”, and grieve every moment of our Lord’s excruciating and immeasurable suffering on my behalf. The intense love HE demonstrated by HIS SACRIFICE on Calvary, renders me emotionally broken, deeply humbled, and profoundly grateful beyond words.
    As I reflect on the SUFFERING HE endured for my redemption and the FORGIVENESS HE freely gives……. I fall in LOVE with HIM all over again <3.
    HE is risen :) THANK YOU, JESUS…….from the depths of my heart.
    Bristol, I pray the Lord's BLESSINGS and the peace of His Holy spirit to be upon you and your wonderful family during this very special time and always…….oxo

  • http://www.alaskafashiontackle.com Sara

    The motto we use in my 1-3rd grade classroom is “It’s not about me, it’s all about Jesus.” Your lyric quote reminded me of that. Have a joyous Easter!

  • Kathleen

    CJ, well put. And thanks, Bristol, for the video. Wonderful song.

    We are indeed remade by the precious blood of Jesus Christ if we accept His loving sacrifice on our behalf. Praise to Him who loves unconditionally and cleanses us from all sin.