What is Easter About Anyway?

We got a lot of response from my post “How I Got Over My Very Public Mistakes,” and I think it’s because everyone deals with regret.

This Easter week, let’s focus on something else.

After all, it’s not about what you’ve done, it’s about what’s been done for you.

Okay, I didn’t just make that up.  It’s a lyric to this song I just heard called “You Are More” by a band called Tenth Avenue North.  And it wasn’t written about Easter, but this is a particularly good week for us to take our eyes off ourselves and put them where they belong.

After all, we are more than our mistakes.  Enjoy this video of the song, which fits so well with last week’s post – even down to the chalkboard theme.

Have a great Easter week — you’ve been remade!

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  • Chatzey

    Easter is about how much Jesus loved us— to die for us. Easter is Jesus coming to us alive after the worse death possible! Jesus is not DEAD, he is with us–Jesus has not abandoned us. With GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/bristolpalin/2012/05/bullying-in-the-name-of-tolerance-the-nikki-haley-edition/ Danielle

    I love 10th Avenue North! Before they were famous they used to play at little coffee shops here and there around my hometown (which is also their hometown). I used to go and watch them and then afterward we would get to talk with them and just hang out. It was always so much fun! They even prayed for me when I was pregnant once!! They graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University, which is where I am currently attending grad school. The first time I heard their 1st hit on my favorite Christian radio station, I freaked out because I couldn’t believe the little hometown band that I had seen perform so many times had finally become famous!!! When I was going through a very messy custody battle for my son, I would just play their CD on repeat over and over again! Awesome Christian band!

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