And the Winner Is…

Well, seventy-eight of you commented under my article called “What’s Better than Being a Palin,” in which I talked about being a single mom. The CCEF little minibook called “Single Parent: Daily Grace for the Hardest Job” is packed full of insight about being the only one to take care of your child.  Some of us are in this position because of past mistakes, while others are here because their husband or wife has passed away.  Either way, many of you are struggling under the pressures of life.  I selected one of the seventy-eight to receive the mini-book.

Drumroll, please….

The winner is Kimberlie Morris of Ohio

Here’s her comment:

Bristol, this was so inspirational for me today. Many times in my daily “adventures” as the single mom of an adorable little girl with many special needs, I get caught up in the “wow, can I REALLY do _____ alone again?” Sometimes I forget that I’m never alone and when I feel that way is when I need to say “I’m a CHRISTIAN and with God’s help I CAN do this again!” I admire your stand! Thanks for staying true to your beliefs, and being so humble and willing to share these thoughts with us.

God Bless you always,

Thanks, Kim, and enjoy the mini-book!  Others can get their copy here.  And come back for more giveaways on this blog!
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  • Sue Lynn

    Keep up the great job Bristol! Your entire family is the family lots of folks wish they had. I am inspired by the Palin family and you my dear are a blessing to us all!

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  • bellagrazi

    Congrats, Kim! Hope you gain some insight from the lessons in this mini-book. Many blessings.

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  • Kim Castro

    CONGRATULATIONS Kim, may the booklet be a blessing for you!

  • Grannie Annie

    I enjoy your articles – keep up the wonderful work!! Enjoyed the story about the limo and the rubber boots on the little guy – isn’t that the mark of a true Alaskan!!? Congratulations to KIM

  • Ronda

    Congratulations Kim…God has blessed you in more ways than one.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Love YA Bristol and the rest of your family and will always stand behind you.

  • Joseph

    That’s right, Kim! Nothing is too big for God! Congratulations, Kim!!! And may the booklet be a blessing to you! :)