Camping The Other Night

…with my love!

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  • http://!!! Tim Kelley

    Bristol, I think you and Tim Tebow would be a good match!!

  • http://!!! Tim Kelley

    I am being serious not mocking. Sharp looking couple.

  • Bonny Batman

    Looks like your little man will be a lady killer. Sure is cute! Forgot to say I’ve finished your book in record time on my new Kindle Fire. Enjoyed your book as much as I did your Mom’s. Of course, I’ve read everything that was positive about your Mom, so that added up to a dozen so far. Plus I have my own copy of “Undefeated” and the and the full set of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Outside of that – not too much into the Palins or Alaska. Thanks Bristol, enjoying it all. Take care of yourself and your little man.

  • blackbird


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  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    I have a nephew who was cute when he was younger.

  • Debbie Crow

    Dear Bristol, I watched part of your show last night and was horrified how cruel people can be. As a mother it made me want to slap their faces and then some. That gay guy I am sure is against hate mongers when it comes to his sexuality! What gives him or Anyone else the right to so freely attack someone for literally No Reason! I can’t even wrap my brain around that type of hypocrisy! Their are people starving in our own country and around the world because of political corruption, greed, miss management and their Godless Immoral ways! Do yourself a favor and surround yourself only with people who trust a d believe in God. People that will give you good advice and lift you up instead of tearing you down. Their are wolves in sheeps clothing and their only purpose is to hurt you. Be careful sweetheart pray for Gods protection and guidance. You Are HIS child seek him always in all u say and do. Most importantly pray for and forgive those wrong doers. Very difficult I Know. Especially for us mothers! Had you been my daughter I don’t know what I would have done! I am kinda like Peter in the Bible. ;). God Bless you and all your family! Stay strong and continue to make good choices and hold your head up high!!!! Hugs sweetie

    • ScooterGirl

      Did you miss the part where she insulted Tripp’s father right in front of him and then Willow prompted Tripp to comfort his mom. Tripp should be allowed to be a child and not worrying about how his dad is (supposedly) making his mom sad. How about forgiving Levi and allowing him to have a relationship with his son or would that get in the way of the “poor single mom” image that is your meal ticket?

      • Piscean Gal

        THANK YOU , SCOOTERGIRL! For some reason, these Palin girls LOVE to play victim…

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  • Robyn Refsland Lund

    Awww…so cute! Bristol, you are such a gorgeous young lady! I pray for you and your family. I just did today while driving in the car. For some reason, I think of you all often. Hopefully, someday, I can meet you and your family. :)


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