Hate in the Name of Love, Bullying in the Name of Tolerance

Well, I stirred up a hornet’s nest.  You know you’ve struck a nerve when even J-Woww tweets insults at you.  But the thing that most amazes me is how few people actually addressed the points I made in my recent blog post.  They were pretty simple.  Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband, but Barack Obama gets applauded for changing his mind on a huge issue after consulting his wife and young daughters. The double standard amazes me.

Oh, and in that post I also said generally kids do better with mother/father families – the kind of family I’d like to have for Tripp one day.

That’s it.  That’s pretty much the post.  (Yes, I made a little joke about Swiper the Fox, but anyone with a brain would know that wasn’t serious.)  You see arguments like that all the time in political magazines.  It’s not a big deal, and the people who make arguments like that don’t stir up much controversy.

But I’m not a pundit.  I’m just a mom made famous in one of the most intense and embarrassing ways possible – by having your teen pregnancy announced in the middle of a presidential campaign.  Oh, and I was a finalist on Dancing with the Stars, one of the most-watched shows on TV.  But all that means I’m more a part of pop culture, the culture that creates the television we watch and the music we listen to.  When real pundits write blog posts, they don’t pop up in Us Weekly… but mine do.

And I’m glad.  Why?  Because pop culture needs a little bit of debate.  It needs a little bit of disagreement.  Because not everyone who watches their shows or listens to their music thinks the way the directors, producers, and actors think.  When you’re in Hollywood you’ll meet some great people, some terrible people, and many somewhere in between.  In other words, they’re people just like everyone else.  But what you won’t find is any disagreement about things like gay marriage or abortion.  For those folks, there’s one way to think, and anyone who disagrees is stupid, hypocritical, hateful, or bigoted.  (Of course, I’m not the only one facing the wrath of the Hollywood-type sheeple – there are some celebrities bold enough to speak out, and they get attacked and ostracized too.)

If you read the almost 3,000 comments after my controversial post, or read the entertainment magazines, you’ll see some of the most terrible words against me, my mom, and my entire family.

You’ll see hate in the name of love. People claim they’re just trying to protect the right of two people to love each other – a right I don’t contest, by the way – and then spew the worst words imaginable at someone they disagree with.  If the agenda is love, why do you hate so intensely?

You’ll see bullying in the name of tolerance. Bullying is in the news lately, for good reason.  It’s horrifying to see stories of young people taking their own lives because they can’t see past the hate of others.  Around Hollywood, there’s lots of concern and great initiatives to try to encourage more kindness in this world.  Then why do I get so many messages telling me I should die?  Here’s a sampling that we didn’t put up on the blog:


And if you read the comments we let through, the only word that really sums them up is “bullying.”  They treat me as if I’m not human, as if they are somehow proving how great they are by (always anonymously, the cowards) tearing me apart with their words.

Here’s the thing.  In the articles and comments, I saw a lot of hate and a lot of bullying, but you know what I didn’t see much of?  Arguments.  In fact, this reminds me a little bit of the incident in an L.A. bar that went viral several months ago and will be shown in its entirety in my upcoming new reality tv show.  There, a guy started yelling at me and called my mom terrible names, but couldn’t tell me one decent reason why he was filled with so much hate.

Here’s a news flash, guys.  Your hate and bullying don’t work.  People see through it, and they don’t like to be pushed around.  You think it’s completely obvious that you’re right, but this younger generation is more pro-life than their parents, and voters just keep defending traditional marriage.  Why?  Why would we if you’ve been telling us what to think for all these years?

Because we think for ourselves.  And we’ll keep thinking for ourselves no matter what you call us.  So keep sending the hate, but realize that hate doesn’t win arguments.
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  • http://facebook.com/dwjames David Winter

    Ms. Palin, I am just interested to know what you think would be an acceptable alternative to marriage for homosexuals? How is marriage defined by you? Would it not be ok to give these couples the same rights and call it something like a civil union? I just want to know what rights as a couple you would not agree with homosexuals having. Insurance? Will? Taxes? Adoption?

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  • Me

    Those people who are whining about Bristol Palin’s comments are just hypocritical professional victims who are trying to eradicate freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    Those people who think that it’s bigoted to say that marriage is between a man and a woman or that children should be raised by married heterosexual couples need to get a thicker skin and get a life.

    • Jenny

      Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from criticism. Bristol made factually incorrect statements in support of an incoherent argument, while flaunting her hypocrisy about her own lifestyle. She’s absolutely entitled to do that. But if she’s going to sit at the grown-up table of ideas, she’s gonna have to wear her big girl panties and take responsibility for her words.

      • Dana

        Of course freedom of speech can mean freedom of criticism. Then what would be the point of freedom of speech? lol. How do you think the revolutionary war started? How do you think the constitution was born? Because people CRITICIZED a suppressing COUNTRY. Put on your big girl panties, and brush up on your English/American history, hun.

        • LMA

          Jenny wrote, “…freedom FROM criticism.” Put on your big girl panties and brush up on your reading comprehension, hun.

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  • http://www.gcmwatch.com gcmwatch

    Bristol, I writing to encourage you and to bear witness to what you have said. I have a dump truck load of some of the most vilest threats, filth, and vomit too disgusting to even show to other people. All of it from homosexuals and their supporters. Please dont expect any rational argument from them because they do not possess that capability. Their intention is only to dump the filthy darkness in their minds on you. In their real world avatar life, you would probably shocked if their identities were revealed. As it says in the bible: Gird up the loins on your mind. Standing for truth means that you will have to endure the rage of sinners who hate God, hate his truth and hate you for being identified with the truth. All of this talk of tolerance, acceptance, ending bullying and the likes is nothing more than a thin, one sided smoke screen.

    • FailinPalin

      What a disgusting pig you are gcmwatch. I went to your disgusting and vile blog. You are a sub human piece of garbage. And fuck you and fuck your bigoted, hateful christianity that YOU USE TO PROMOTE HATE AND INTOLERANCE. FUCK OFF TO IRAN, YOU WOULD FIT IN VERY WELL THERE.

      • Dana

        LOL. You just proved the person you fired that comment too. Yeah, that’s right….BREW in your own disgusting anger. You might as well fire that same emotion to millions of other people that have upheld traditional marriage since the dawn of humanity. BREW AWAY, my angry little rebel.

  • Amanda

    I think we should all be proud of Bristol….It’s not easy to be so retarded and achieve such a level of recognition. You go girl!!!

  • Anthony

    Oh Bristol Palin, how terribly well you play this publicity game. Firstly let me say that death threats are wrong and you are right to label them as bullying. However you should also realize that the delivery of your critisim was on many levels awful. As an unwed teenage mother (mind you I’m not judging you for that I know many great teenage mothers myself; Mary for example) you know best of all how it feels to be marginalized for socially unacceptable sexual behavior. Jesus. Himself loved every single sinner, sin and all. In addition I would expect someone with a child to respect the want to raise that child in a loving environment wether it be single parent, gay parents, or a priory of celibate monks. Your comments about how the institution of marriage is threatened by this want to love and share this love with a child was insulting to all marriages because love is the defining factor in a marriage not physicallity. Needless to say the one thing I will agree with you on is that this generation is more free thinking but unfortunatly I do not believe you should be counted among the enlightened. For the record I am a catholic teenager who supports both the right to life and the right to love so I do hope that fits your requirement for a valid argument. Anyways best of luck on finding your own ideas and bless your child.

  • Lea


  • Jw