The Promo for “Life’s a Tripp” – My New Show on Lifetime!

A scene from "Life's a Tripp!"

I’m so excited about my new show on Lifetime!  Here’s the 60 second promo, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to see the commercial yet.

Who’s going to tune in?


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  • Gina

    Honestly, I’m not a big fan of reality shows. But I wish you the best. And I hope you keep blogging, because I really enjoy your posts! :-)

  • H. Cummings

    This blog makes me sad. I think all of us need to remember that Bristol is still young. And so many of the hateful things that are being said behind the protection of the internet wouldn’t cross peoples lips if they were to talk with Bristol in person.

  • Tina

    I’m not “into” reality TV all that much. But I wish you luck!

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  • Carley

    Looking forward to it!

    • dg

      Life is rough when you find out that the world is filled with all kinds of people and the mold you were taught doesn’t exist in the other 49 states. Guess what, the gays are here and we are going to stay. We don’t respect your mother but you have a shot. Try to get to know the world while you’re in LA. It’s amazing what we can teach you about raising kids, paying a mortgage, running a business and paying taxes. Oh, by the way, we VOTE too!

      • Brian Phillips

        What in the world does this story have to do with Bristol and gays?!! Don’t be a troll.

      • didi

        You may be here to stay, but gay marriage will never be legal everywhere. It’s sour attitudes like yours “dg” that make people not care to help your cause. Obama doesn’t even care & only said he supported it to try and get more votes in November. He still left it up to the states, so they were empty words– no “hope” for you. Look at California, a liberal state that wouldn’t even pass gay marriage. Don’t be so bitter & lash out like the guy at the SaddleRanch, cuz remember, the rest of us “breeders” vote too.

    • jhlang


  • Tammy

    lookinv forward to watching palins show.
    congrats. hope the familys doing well. Tell your mom to run for president. shes got my vote……
    Tammy Aurora

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  • shaun

    what a joke..I have no one dad for my baby..isnt this the same person who made it impossible for the kids dad… to be a dad..her way or no way…if it were not for the fact the ladies in my house were watching this trash ..Id have changed the channel to anything but this ..

    • Brian Phillips

      But yet you feel a strong need to come here and comment? Wow, and I thought my life was boring.

  • Scott Newman

    What a great family the Palins are ! the show was very fun to watch…. :)

  • Sherry

    Just watched the show. It was as well done as any reality show. Bristol, I know your point is to show young single mothers, or those who have the potential to be that, that it isn’t easy, but at the same time, I am not sure I am in agreement with demanding the help of your younger sister, who is just realizing who SHE is. She loves you as do all of the members of your family, but is it her responsibility to follow you to LA for a “Help the Children” project to “help” you? I think not. If your true focus and livelihood is Tripp, then make it about Tripp. “Help the Children” and projects like that are admirable things to be involved with, but if it requires more than you can handle, or should expect of others to help you with your son to participate in these projects, then you might be going too far. I know this series of shows was recorded months ago, and much has changed in your life by now, but I can assure you fortune, fame and money or not, your son is your responsibility, not your younger sister’s. I watched because I am a supporter of your mother’s, and I see you have a beautiful family. You are young and you have been thrown into a reality that I can only imagine, but please do not let that reality become YOUR reality. Fame is a tough thing and rarely a good thing. Your family is under constant attack, but please remember that all comes from evil. It isn’t YOU. It’s pure and simple evil. Please don’t respond to it (thinking of Huckabee now). Walk on strongly as your mother does. Leave them in your dust. I would love to see you grow and prosper on your own with everything you do in life coming from your heart. You’re in a tough spot being in the public eye, but remember who you are and let God guide you.