Praying, Tripp Palin Style

If you ever see me out for dinner with Tripp, you might see a scene like this one.  He loves to pray — especially before meals and before bed!  And his prayers are more than the “thanks for the food” kind. He prays for all of our family and all of his friends from day care by name.

Soooo cute.

Plus, he makes everyone close their eyes, too!

More photos, photos, photos!

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  • Nita

    A heartfelt blessing. Planting the seed of faith early in a child’s life…How the Angels are rejoicing!

  • Carolyn O’Bryan

    God Honoring!

  • Deaves1

    Bristol, you are raising this little guy right. Good for you. One thing to keep in mind as he grows older, even when you think he may not be listening to you… he will be. God bless you and your entire family.

  • Izzy

    Awesome family… may God’s best yours.

  • votermom

    Aww!!!!!!! Love the photos!

  • Howard Blasingame

    God bless the Palins, each & every one

  • Nancy Larson

    God bless you, Bristol, and your precious son! May he not be ashamed to pray in public when he is a teenager! :-)

  • Donna

    Bristol, you are THE best mother! I am so impressed by you! God Bless you and your beautiful family!

  • Ed Robbins

    Very cute! You’re doing a great job of raising him right. Keep up the good parenting. I even have my grandsons pray if we eat at McDonalds.

  • ymm

    Is he praying or getting ready to karate chop that crayon? LOL