Happy Birthday, Willow!

Guess who turns eighteen today?

You can probably tell how proud I am of Willow.  Her name came from a small community that began in 1897 when miners discovered gold on Willow Creek.  Also, she was named after Willow Bay, one of my mother’s favorite sports reporters.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re four years apart.  This meant that as we were growing up in the same house, we were each other’s best friends and worst enemies… depending on the day!

Now that we are both mature adults (don’t laugh!) we will probably get along much better. But one thing that will remain the same: I’m always so proud of her!

Not only does is she a great help with Tripp, she graduated high school more than a year early, and now is continuing her education at beauty school.

One of the reasons why I enjoyed shooting Life’s a Tripp is because she was there with me every step of the way.  (Tune in to see her move to Arizona, attend school, and experience some hilarious beauty treatments with me!)

I love you, Willow!  Happy birthday!!


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  • Jose

    Happy Bithday, Willow!

  • http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred

    I’ve thought Willow was a brat. But she’s not. She just doesn’t take any crap. (Piper is my favorite)

  • Truth101

    Bristol, I bet you never thought wishing Willow a Happy birthday would attract a couple of trolls that can’t seem to get over their weird obsession with your mother.

    What makes people like that?

    • liberty

      IT’S because of their desease called PDS and their worship of their master Obama because they want all that free stuff that Obama is promising them. All they do is sit in their parents basement with the script that has been sent to them to post the same stuff over and over and over again.

      • Patriot

        Liberty! PDS, BDS, parents basement, scripts from master. This is really old material. Surely you can come up with something new. Go eat a banana to boost your potassium and try again.

        • liberty

          patriot why don’t you go eat an apple i’m sure your father has some laying around.

          • Jesus

            Lol. Clearly your idol Sarah palin never took a bite out of it

      • Lisa G

        No, it’s because they 1. don’t have a fulfilling life 2. Are incredibly unhappy people with way too much time.

        Dear bored haters, you could have EVERYTHING the wealthy have if you’d just get off your rear and WORK for what you want.

  • http://www.restorationamerica2012.org Melissa Ortiz (@DCBelleonWheels)

    Happy Birthday, Willow! By the way, I love the gorgeous Newfy puppy! Name? Age? I used to be owned by two of those gentle giants. Enjoy!

  • Linda

    Is Willow’s birthday on July 5th or 7th? Conflicting information all over the web! My son’s birthday is the 7th so I’m just wondering if they share a birthday or not.

    • Lisa G


  • Charli Chad

    Both of your outfits are awesome. Where’d you get your shoes?!

  • Susan Brown

    Have you made those reports to FBI and Homeland Security??? If not I would be glad to send both of them the clips of the show for proof you have been getting so many death threats from the hating Satanic liberals. You must stay safe and keep your children safe so file those reports Ms. Palin, ASAP. or just tell me and I’ll do it for you.

    • CroMag

      LOL- you guys always crack me up when you act like the Palins are royalty, or heads of state. Sarah is a has-been politician, and that’s about it. Get a grip….

      • Sue

        It is illegal to threaten people with death, and I’m sure that the FBI looks into these things. Like the weirdo stalker boy that was arrested by the FBI for harassing the Palin lawyers. If you people think that you are truly hidden behind the internet, think again.

        • Mariah


        • Mariah

          If they say that it’s not true……it’s called assult!!!! They clearly don’t know the law of the land!!

        • Sue

          Oh, and the former special ops security that sometimes protects her will clean up any moron that thinks to try anything.

          • Mariah

            Hahahahaha!!!!!! Yes!!!!

        • Patriot

          Who is threatening them? Your just trying to scare people.

  • CJ

    Belated HAPPY (18) BIRTHDAY wishes to Willow!! oxo

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    To all the people that hate the palins…..GO TELL SOMEONE THAT CARES!!!

  • Mariah

    To all you who hate the Palins so dearly that you would waste your time showing that hate: Just because you weren’t born a bafoon, doesn’t mean you can’t act like one!!