On Second Thought: Episode 7 – I Shouldn’t Have Hit Willow with the Refrigerator Door

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Episode Seven, Air Date: July 10, 2012

On second thought, I shouldn’t have told Gino about Levi cheating on me with that girl at the fight.

(It just made him jealous!)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have tried to make Willow participate in our Valentine’s Day dinner.

(I can’t make her do anything.)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have cut the stems off the strawberries.

(But they tasted better than they looked!)

On second thought, since Valentine’s Day turned out to be less than romantic, I should’ve invited Andy to eat with us instead of sending him home to his mom and Carl’s Jr.

(You can’t have romance with Tripp around threatening to topple the candlesticks.)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have sat so close to Willow during the bonfire because I knew she’d stick snow in my boot.

(No fire could’ve melted her anger toward me.)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have hit my sister with the refrigerator door.

(I should’ve used something bigger.)


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  • brenda

    Willow needs to get knock up to continue the family tradition. She should not let down her Grandmother, her Mother, or her sister Bristol. Willow can have the next Palin show, “Called I am a Palin, unwed & pregnant & wanting to make money off of it.

    • Emma Lora

      It takes no talent… no intelligence… no character… to ridicule, accuse or trash…. And it take no courage since others do not know you. It is a cowardly act.

    • liberty

      Brenda are you Patriots brother I’M sure your father SATAN is very happy with you .

      • liberty

        Imean sister or not you really can’t tell with demons.

    • liberty

      Willow is going to college and all you will ever do is live in your parents basement because you are a LOSER and nobody LOVES YOU FROM WHAT I CAN TELL FROM YOUR POSTINGS SO YOU COME HERE TO SPEW YOUR HATE FOR A FAMILY THAT EVERYONE CAN SEE LOVES EACH OTHER . YOU ARE A REALLY PATHETIC PERSON . I really feel sorry for you because it is easy to see that you are unloved by your family.

      • liberty

        My post was in reply to that LOSER BRENDA.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m saddened to read the hateful comments people feel the need to post. Stay strong and close to your faith and family. I wish you much love and happiness always

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    To the people that are calling Bristol names for having sex before marriage are hypocrites if you have ever had sex outside marriage. Just wondering how many of you are virgins!!!!

    • Morpheus91

      It doesn’t work that way… Ms. Palin is being criticized for promoting abstinence while not engaging n it herself. She’s not being condemned for premarital sex, she’s being criticized for not adhering to her own stated code of morality. You don’t have to adhere to her stated code of morality (i.e., be a virgin) in order to criticize her for violating it.

      • http://heritagecreek.blogspot.com/ Debbie

        Bristol has MORE than been persecuted for her mistake. Like she said, who better
        to warn you about smoking than someone who has battled lung cancer?
        She has learned from her mistakes. Quit being a hypocrite.

      • Emma Lora

        The motives and purpose of postitive, uplifting comments are to encourage, support, show gratitude, comraderie etc.

        The motives and purpose of negative, destructive comments are what?? express jealous resentment? express mean spiritedness?? desire to destroy?? freakish Illusion of control?? desiring the illusion of superiority?? bulling to cover cowardice ??

        The difference is obvious.

      • Morpheus91

        @Debbie and Emma Lora: It’s great that there are positive comments to encourage and uplift. You’ll notice I never said that people should not be encouraging. I also never supported the comments mocking Bristol or calling her names. What I did say is that it is possible to level valid criticisms at her. You say that she has been “persecuted enough” as if you wish all criticisms would cease, and people would only support her. But that’s not going to happen, because she continues to act as a prominent voice for abstinence-only sex ed (as well as many other controversial issues).

        Again, I’m not suggesting that it’s alright to wish harm upon her or to call her a “slut” or anything of the kind. What I do think needs to be made clear is that Bristol herself made the failings of abstinence-only sex ed very obvious, and that this is an example of why more extensive sex ed should be mandatory in schools.

        You say that because Bristol has had a child, she’s a good person to warn kids about the dangers that can come out of sex. Okay, fair enough. But here’s where the problem comes in; she’s continuing to insist that the program that very clearly did not protect her is the program that needs to be implimented for others. If she were to speak about the responsibilities that come with an unexpected pregnancy and why it’s a good idea to avoid one, I’d be on board with her “I’ve gone through it so I can talk about it to you” line. If she were to make all of the pertinent information available to the folks she’s speaking to, I’d support her efforts. But she doesn’t. She neglects very important information about contraception, STDs, etc., because she’s viewing the subject from a standpoint of religious dogma, and refusing to take into account scientific evidence and facts that contradict her position.

        So, once again; there are very valid reasons to criticize her, and those who criticize her don’t have to subscribe to her standard of morality. She is the one who asserts that standard, so she is the one who can be criticized for not following it. She is continuing to advocate a dangerous and ignorant position, and needs to be called out on it. That doesn’t mean she should be called names or insulted, but she definitely needs to be criticized.

        • Emma Lora


          I was not thinking of you when I was writing the post. It is an overview post after reading several obviously neg. post.

          • Emma Lora

            However… you post does not convince me of your perspective as being a good one…but it is yours.
            I could give people good advise from my mistakes. I listen to people give good advise from their mistakes. it is a courageous of her to put out her example as one that others should NOT EMULATE. She does not want other kids to follow her example. That is the purpose in her show… it is hard to be a single, very young mother. If you show your credentials for your premise you maybe will convince me.. Have you raised children? Are you licensed in this field with yrs of study? etc. Other wise the experience she had/has is the most convincing.

          • BlueVA

            Wow, Emma Lora. Given your response to Morpheus91′s very well considered reply, it bears repeating: you, by far, are the most judgmental person to post here. You complain that people don’t know Bristol, then you claim to be able to see through a person’s post to his or her soul. You look at young Bristol, who is literally feeling her way around everyday life while counseling others on how to live, and yet you ask for a person’s credentials for doing nothing more than expressing an opinion. You use a very shady passive-aggressive tactic 100% of the time — asking someone who has anything remotely disagreeable to say, “Why do you watch? Why do you come here? Why not change the channel? Why not choose to do something different?” You are truly something else, E.L.

          • Emma Lora

            Hi Blue,
            Once again I sense a fragility and see your defensive posture. I do ask those questions but those who complain about the questions.. never have an answer. No wonder you don’t like the questions.. I stand with the premise that if you don’t like the show, etc. why are you here?? I don’t claim to see thru anyone’s soul which is why I ask questions… which is threatening to” those who act as if they “see thru Bristol’s soul” and choose to see negatives, and are so bothered. So once again why do you stay when you are so troubled by Bristol? why does the questions bother you so? Disagreeable? then a challenge should not threatening. Negative with an agenda will be threatened by questions. Sorry Blue, your post is defensive posturing not positive defense of Morph 91.

          • BlueVA

            I am not troubled by Bristol, E.L. I think Bristol’s doing her best. Rather, I’m amazed by your hubris, passive aggressiveness, and they way you apply the same “assessment” to so many people. You’re fascinating to watch. Every now and then, I engage you because I’m interested in your reply. I am not fragile and defensive. You’re a faceless person on the Internet. I wouldn’t know you if I passed you on the street. What’s so threatening about that? And Morpheus91 stated an excellent case for his/her comments — no defense needed.

          • Emma Lora

            Hi again Blue,

            The reason I express the same basic comments is the negatives, regardless of what is said has the same attitude with possible different negative reasons? The posts I have written applies to almost every Bristol neg. post. (If you are bothered , why are you here/) The issues may be different but attitudes are the same To be a positive supporter is to think like one. The issues may be different but the attitudes are the same. Once again What is the motive to be negative? To feel the questions are passive-agressive is revealing. For someone to ask me why be positive… I can/do answer readily (to be supportive and encouraging) and do not feel the question is passive- aggressive. Why should bothered people feel differently about the same question? thank you for your interest in my response to omy post. LOL

            ps. my 2nd response to morph-91 ws a dissagreement to his stance. To feel you need to come to his rescue over statements of disagreement seems fragile. My first statement that started this was a general statement that morph-91 thot was for him. Have a nice evening Blue.

          • BlueVA

            “the issues may be different but the attitudes are the same To be a positive supporter is to think like one.” That’s a very simplistic assessment. Morpheus91, who states that Bristol DOES NOT deserve to be called horrible names but nevertheless disagrees with her attitude, is clearly not commenting in the same spirit as someone who leaves an awful, perverse comment and never returns to this blog. But you see them as the same — both negative, mean-spirited folks who shouldn’t come to this blog or watch Bristol’s show. Thank you, E.L. I believe I understand you now.

          • Emma Lora

            Dear blue,

            I agree with and applaud Morph’s positive statements. I expressed a different opinoin over some issues. (Morph’s first reaction was too a GENERAL post that he thot may have been towards his post.) I had not even read his post before that. Once he responded than I responded to him. I guess you also assumed the GENERAL POST was meant for him. I am now aware that the questions as to why?…and what are the motivations?…. and similar questions are really troubling for those that are or support negative bearers. Have a good week Blue!

          • Morpheus91

            Emma Lora: I am not a professional, nor a parent, just a person concerned about the problems I see in our school system. :) I don’t think it’s a good idea to pull the credentials card in order to support Bristol, because her only cred in this situation is that she is a teen mom. That means she is qualified to tell people “it’s problematic to be a teen mom, you should avoid it” and nothing more. It doesn’t give her any insight into the most effective way to help others avoid her situation, particularly because (as I said before) she just continues to advocate the system that did not work for her. If you really want credible material on the topic, I’d be happy to link you to some more scientific sources. :) If you like Bristol because she promotes a religious opinion you agree with, or just because you think she’s brave for going through this, that’s your choice of course. But please don’t pretend that she’s a reliable source for information about, well, most of the things she talks about. :P

  • Keelea

    Does anybody know why we can’t watch Episode 7 of Life’s a Tripp on Lifetime Online? I have been waiting since Tuesday to watch the Episode… I’m dying to know what happens with their Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t seem to be coming available… any clues as to why?!?!?!?!?!!!!

    • Emma Lora

      available now..

  • Cristolmeth Palin

    In case you haven’t noticed dear, no one but your right wing psychotic followers watch your crap fest of a show. You aren’t relevant. Your simply the daughter of an ignorant , racist, skanky woman in Alaska.

    • http://heritagecreek.blogspot.com/ Debbie

      Yeah, and according to your “comment name” you’re a drug loving liberal. Wow, what a future you have.

      • Morpheus91

        Debbie, didn’t you just say in your comment to me that it’s better to take a positive approach rather than tearing someone down? ;) It’s not very positive to assume that liberals are “drug loving” or to imply that because someone is liberal they don’t have a good future ahead of them. Try to keep your own moralizations in mind when you’re responding to your enemies. :)

    • liberty


    • liberty

      Cristol meth Palin you really need to stop looking in your mirrow. and go see a psychiatrist.

    • Meghan

      I would hate to see what the world would look like if people like you…with your hate and ignorance ran the world. No I would not want her mother to run our country, but I would take her over any liberal any day.

  • Jim C.

    Hey Bristol:
    Maybe you ought to try having more FIRST thoughts!

  • Allison

    Bristol, you are a beautiful young lady and do an amazing job with Tripp! It’s shocking how so many people can say hateful things and not even know the facts. I love your show, and you and Willow seem so down to earth! I know it must be hard for you to trust people, especially being in the spotlight. I come from a small town and struggle to trust people because of all the backstabbing that goes on. If you ever need a friend or someone to talk to you have my e-mail! Good friends are hard to find! I hope life continues to treat you well, and people start to see you in a more positive life, rather than hating you for no reason!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Bristol how in God’s name did you hit Willow with frig door. Did you catch trying to sneak a mid-night snack in the middle of the night. Come on give us some details. Oh by the wat too those that slam Bristol, you must really dis-like yourselves.

  • Kim

    Your fight with Willow was a typical sister fight. I fight with my sisters just like you did with yours. I don’t think you did anything wrong and I think you are doing a great jonas a mother. I enjoy your show Bristol and am a big fan of yours. I recently purchased your book as well. Please know that.you have many fans who support you and your family. Looking forward to your next episode!

  • MotherBush

    Has this show been cancelled?