Oprah Gets Called Out!

Oprah Winfrey recently said in a BBC interview that President Obama is disrespected by Americans because of his race.

“No one ever says it, but everyone thinks it.”

Please.  We don’t disrespect him because he’s black, we disrespect him because he’s ruining our nation.

Wayne Dupree takes her recent comments to task here:

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  • Abe Green

    I also agree with Oprah, because Obama was the example that a black man can do good in leadership, but Obama by ruining our nation ruined the chance for another black man to have a chance at the job.

    • D’Rhonda Leigh Wallace

      Not true I would vote for Ben Carson in a heartbeat and West as well.

      • onwego4k

        me too

    • Rinne

      HUH???? When are you going to learn that it doesn’t matter what color, race, or ethnicity you are? Bamboozled is what America is experiencing! WOW!!! Ever think that you might be part of the ruining???? With that comment, I think so!

      • Abe Green

        America is ruined without my comment, I am just pointing it out.

    • CherDash

      Edited to correct a typo: Since when has Obama been an example of someone doing good in leadership? He has no clue how to lead!

    • Marjorie Janis

      No ! that’s wrong , the next black man will show the whole world how it was supposed to have been done, you don’t judge all by one of any thing or anyone. Dr. Ben Carson has my full support.plus he is not half & half he is the real deal.he really cares about the people & this country,& he will not be a Career Politician .he is already a world renown surgeon .Plus his reputation in many area’s says he can get it done the right way.

      • Abe Green

        Just do your research about the 1-tern NYC Mayor David Dinkins who led the city into the highest in crime. Since then, not a single black guy could succeed in the mayoral election.

  • Mberryhill

    Thank You Wayne for calling her out

    • NewsNinja2012

      Thanks Mberryhill

      • AZWarrior

        Isn’t it strange that when people start to become irrelevant they decide to make headlines by saying dumb schitt? Oprah went from someone who blurred racial and gender lines with her success, then does this crap.

        • NewsNinja2012


          • AZWarrior

            Thank you, NN2012.

  • Sue Lynn


  • christine


  • Phillip Burdine

    When White Conservatives complain about reverse racism and the war on women, it means nothing, but when a well respected person of color speaks, people listen. Thank you Wayne Dupree.

    • NewsNinja2012

      Thanks Rufus

  • NewsNinja2012

    Bristol, thanks for this. I am sorry that Martin Bashir had those things to say about your mom but I would have felt this way for any woman. It shouldn’t be tolerated by any network. Keep up the fight and God Bless!!

    • TrueBlue

      NewsNinja2012, you’re of the belief that today’s Democrats are the same as those who opposed civil rights, am I right? If we hold today’s Democrats responsible for past racism, then let’s apply that same logic and hold today’s southern whites responsible for slavery. After all, here in VA, they still fly the Confederate flag.

      Have you ever read any of Thomas Jefferson’s writings? He doubted the humanity of his black slaves. Why? Because they perspired so heavily when they labored in the sun. Because they chose to sing and dance after a long day of work, rather than sleep or read quietly. Jefferson believed in God, but he struggled with the question of whether or not blacks were equal in God’s eyes. Blasphemy. But see how we revere Jefferson today, and he is rightly celebrated for his contribution to the development of our great country.

      Another interesting fact on racism against blacks in the US: The Southern Strategy is a well-known period of turnabout for the Republican party. Today’s Republicans ARE NOT all “Lincoln’s Republicans,” and those of us who’ve been called the n-word by whites while campaigning for President Obama know that quite well. Though not officially condoned, racism against blacks and other minorities has a very comfortable position under the Republican tent. Even Reince Preibus and Mitt Romney have admitted that Republican messaging and minority outreach need serious help. Why do you deny it? I would like to believe that your message is one based on a perspective rooted in some fact-based knowledge, but you pander too much to be credible.

      • $70129662

        You really are quite the racist. Get over your anger. Stop playing the victim. Back up your claims with evidence of “racism having a very comfortable position under the Republican tent”.

        I have also suffered under racism, was also called the n-word,( in fact my sister in Germany is still being called the n-word by white Germans), but that does not give me the right to falsely accuse the majority of Americans of something as serious and ugly as racism today, if I do so, I will at least have the decency to provide solid evidence that it is wide-spread and that it is only happening in the Republican party (and I don’t even care about the Republican party). I can give you a lot of evidence of racist remarks from Democrats and their leaders.

        Stop using your skin color to intimidate and chill free speech. I have found that the majority of Americans are good, generous people. The problem is politicians in the Democrat party, for their own personal gain, trying to divide us along racial lines.

        • Guest

          Go. Away. Stalker. Troll.

          • $70129662


          • $70129662

            I take it then you have no evidence to back up your lies? You were just playing the victim and making false accusations, like Oprah.

          • TrueBlue

            Read what I wrote. I said nothing about hating Americans. I used an anecdote in my comment — to someone else — and I’m sure, if you want evidence, you can go troll liberal blogs, which you probably do anyway, and read about racists who are also Republicans. I never said Democrats harbor no racist elements. I don’t “intimidate” nor “chill free speech” (We’re on the Internet, you a**! How can I stop you from commenting?!) You. Can’t. Keep. Up. And this is the last time I’ll reply to you, because you’re so incredibly slow.

          • $70129662

            You are incoherent. Is it because you have no evidence to back up your claim that:

            “…. racism against blacks and other minorities has a very comfortable position under the Republican tent.”?

          • Phillip Burdine

            Those whose comments contain nothing of substance are trolls. Don’t feed the trolls Melory. 🙂

  • Esta

    If I’m in front of Martin Bashir I will make sure that he’ll never trash any woman. This idiot has the guts to trash Gov. Palin because he’s nothing but a kiss@$$.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    The more complete quote was: “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that. And it’s the kind of thing no one ever says, but everybody’s thinking it.” I don’t agree with the many, but yeah, there are some. I personally know a few people who fall into that category. But what bothers me more than the racial thing is the group of people who don’t just disagree with his policies, but think that he is intentionally trying to ruin our nation- people like this guy – http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/what-obama-and-i-learned-at-columbia-how-to-destroy-america-from-within/ .
    As for Bashir, his comments were over the top. And to Alec Baldwin’s show being pulled, good riddance. But this Wayne Dupree guy, whom I never heard of before, lowered himself to their level by his statements about the microphone.

    • TrueBlue

      As always, you put the subject into context. Thank you, 1MiddleRoader.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Thanks, True! Don’t leave this blog! We need you here!

    • $70129662

      ” and maybe even many cases because he’s African American . There is no question about that”. Disgusting use of the racecard, with no evidence to back up her claims. Same thing she did to the poor store clerk in Zurich.

      “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs…” From the same hypocrites that demonized Bush for 8 solid years and still going.

    • Phillip Burdine

      There will always be a small percentage of racism and bigotry regardless of who is in the White House. For Oprah, a national icon, to use racism as a platform to indicate disrespect for the office or because Obama is half black is irresponsible and further widens the gap in civility and positive discourse.
      Dave Wilson a white Texas Republican beat out a 24 year Black incumbent in a heavily Black district by omitting the fact he was white. Racism isn’t just a white man disease. Having said that, Wayne Dupree did step over the line with the microphone comment. It doesn’t bode well when a Republican makes disgusting comments that are in lockstep with the Liberal media.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Agree that racism goes both ways. But it does exist. I may disagree with Oprah as to the depth and breadth of its existence, but not the basic fact.
        And I may add that disrespect in general seems to be the new normal, in politics and in life. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Bristol seems to think that it’s OK to disrespect the President, as long as it’s not racial. But is it really OK? Unless someone believes (and some do) that a President is intentionally trying to “ruin the country,” then we should disagree and try to change the course, but still respect the office and the person. I was not a George W. Bush fan, but I don’t think I ever disrespected him (although as with Obama, some did.)

        • Phillip Burdine

          As a twenty year military vet, I couldn’t agree more. The office should always be respected and personal insults toward any President is disrespectful to the office and what that office represents. I disagree with the polices of this President but have no ill will toward him as a person. Unfortunately the lines of civility and decorum have been blurred and it is only getting worse.
          When the country is not doing well, civility takes a backseat. When leadership is absent it creates fear and anger. Our leaders are supposed to bring people together, not necessarily on policy but as Americans.
          I disagree with Oprah and feel she has disappointed a large part of her fan base as well as insulted the majority who are not racists. However, I can emphasize with Oprah and all Black Americans as the effects of racism are generational and it obviously still exists today. I can also emphasize with Bristol and her family. They are constantly bombarded with personal attacks, attacks so vile and disgusting it even hurts me to read them. The media have crucified the Palins and many on the left are happy to pile on. There is a big difference between racism and personal attacks but it is all relative and the pain can’t be quantified. If Bristol has personally attacked the President, I believe she is wrong but I can understand her motivation.

      • TrueBlue

        Rufus, you make an interesting point, but I have to say that Dave Wilson’s victory would likely not have happened if he were running for an office with higher visibility. Perhaps voters chose him because they thought he was black, but I think his stunt shows an equal lack of integrity. Finally, Martin Bashir was roundly called to task by people of both political stripes. He certainly did we Dems no favors by taking his commentary as far as he did, and bottom line, Sarah Palin was due a big apology.

        • Phillip Burdine

          Great point, at a higher level more people would be paying attention, it would have received media coverage and without doubt a different outcome.
          In regards to lack of integrity, maybe. He isn’t required to acknowledge his race and he knew racism would change the outcome of the vote. Every candidate I have ever listened to skew the facts, put up phony ads, obfuscate, and duck and dodge to win. It is the responsibility of the voting public to discern the truth, and mak an educated vote. After all we vote on the issues, not race, right? jk
          I give Bashair credit for what sounded like a sincere apology but from a journalist, the insult was so grievous, so disgusting, I can’t imagine the Palins accepting the apology. If they do, they are better people than I am.

          • TrueBlue

            Agreed — it’s always a voting public’s responsibility to cast an informed vote. At one time in our nation’s history, only landowners could vote, and the press’s job was to actually educate the public on political and social issues. Those were in the days before reporting the news was a for-profit endeavor. Today, I don’t contribute funds even to the candidates who’ve earned my support, because I’m of the incredibly idealistic assumption that my well-researched vote is valuable enough. It’s probably not, given that Citizens United is now a very powerful, sad influence in our politics, but I hold out hope…

          • Phillip Burdine

            We are of the same assumption regarding political contributions. As a Independent Tea Party Patriot, we will have to agree to disagree on Citizens United. I support the basic tenet of the Tea Party platform, strong national defense, Constitutionally limited government, and free market economics. Because of my Apathetic Agnostic view point, I will leave the Christian/Secular war to the idealists.

            “My observation is that whenever one person is found adequate to the discharge of a duty…it is worse executed by two persons, and scarcely done at all if three or more are employed therein.” –George Washington

  • Joshua Mcclain

    i didn’t see this coming. your honesty is refreshing.

  • pack134

    . It’s not the color of a man’s skin it what comes out of his mouth. Obama is half white and black. It’s the lies he’s been caught in and keeps on insisting. They are to truth when everybody knows it’s a lie. His administration has been one the worse we ever had. You cannot trust the liar you do not know when he telling the truth.

  • She’s the racist. White girls need not apply at her school in Africa.

  • Duane D Martin Jr

    Right on Wayne Dupree.. You are a True American Patriot !!! And lets dont forget that Obama is half white, so does that mean that the blacks that support him are racists against whites????

  • Eileen Burke Miller

    Praise God for these Americans speaking out for the truth.

  • Aixa Martinez-Harrison

    Thats my kind of man

  • tammylee

    disrespected because he’s black??? pshaw!! Many have told me they voted for him ONLY BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, They just wanted a black president…no politics at all. Just a win for the black community. I think his campaign was fully aware of that and took every advantage. For me, how he got the votes is not, at present, the point. It’s what he has done to/for the people since then that has earned him our disrespect….. asses come in all colors.

  • Charles Donaldson

    The Age of Liberal Disillusionment and Decay are upon us , liberalism has perverted,poisoned and polluted everything it touches.Government ,economics,media,entertainment,social norms ,family,education ,religion ,everything…And the nation suffers with debt ,division ,despair,decay,deranged individuals,dope ,drug abuse,degeneracy,depravity and in the end the nation will suffer NATIONAL DISASTER.

  • tomlyn

    I agree she is a racist and left winger !

  • Knucklebuster48

    The man said everything real Americans feel today. It’s not about race! It’s about teuth, justce, and the American way of life being destroyed by someone who hasn’t a clue what Americans want. Obama doesn’t understand and will never understand what keeps America strong and free. It sure isn’t his BS and lies!

  • AndAwayWeGo

    Never mind Mister, let’s just hope Beloved doesn’t get her hands on her!

  • DavidSayre

    Well said. Right on target. With Opera, everything is about race. She pulls that race card like a cowboy pulls his six shooter in the old west. We all must be about the business of truth! In the end, there is nothing else. A world without truth, is a dark and scary place. Truth is everything, it is not just some concept or ideology to glom onto… Truth is a person. In history, a wise man saw Truth and did not completely realize it. He ask Truth his name… in first person singular, Truth answered him “I am who am” came the reply from that burning bush.

  • Lisa

    So refreshing to see a black man speaking out against this type of crap. I’m a middle aged white woman, I don’t dislike Obama because he’s black, I hate what he’s doing to our country. He’s lied and trying his damned best to turn our country into a socialist mess and doing a great job of it, much to my dismay.

  • Lindsay

    For the record, I am NO fan of Oprah! I think that she is arrogant and quick to cry racism! That being said, this guys comments at 1:55 are out of line! They are not AS bad as Martin Bashir but that doesn’t make them O.K.

  • Renae

    Enlighten us dear, How was this quote taken out of context? She’s been caught trying to play the race card after race card. So please again, enlighten us.

    • $70129662

      That was such a hateful, angry, racist statement from Trueblue. Good riddance!

  • James Wenger

    a black man that is telling it like it is ! Its about time, OPRAH, the race card,really really, is that all you’ve got ? So pathetic and so predictable thats all liberal democrats always fall back on “picking on the poor black people” because of their color! THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE ! MARTIN LUTHER KING would be truly ashamed of your racist ravings ! OPRAH ,you disgust all honest BLACK & WHITE AMERICANS !

  • Rosalie A Kelley

    Oprah, talk about disrespect for the office, what about the assassinatioin of Kennedy and the attempt on Ronald Regan? Beyond disrespect don`t you think?

    • VL

      Such a stupid comment. Do you know how many death threats Obama gets?

      • Rosalie A Kelley

        Stupid? Look in the mirror and you will see stupid!

        • VL

          Answer the question Rosalie. Do you know?

          • Rosalie A Kelley

            All presidents get death threats Mr.. Back to lies

          • VL

            President Obama gets about 30 death threats per day. 4 times as many as Bush got. Hmmm.

          • Rosalie A Kelley

            You know personally? How many did Bush and all other presidents get? Anyway, have a great day.

          • VL

            It’s called Google Rosalie.

          • Rosalie A Kelley

            You believe everything Goggle and Snopes say? They are not very objective.

          • VL

            Oh boy. Forget it Rosalie.

          • Rosalie A Kelley

            We can agree to disagree. Bye Bye

          • Phillip Burdine
          • $70129662

            FBI could not confirm those claims. It is possible Palin gets more death threats.

          • VL

            Really? Got a link for that melory. You are the great fact finder after all.

          • $70129662

            And you just hate that!

            Evidence already presented, lazy! Doing your own research also won’t hurt, you know!

          • $70129662

            Link, please.

      • edjuk8

        About the same as all of the other Presidents. You remember the lynchings-in-effigy for Bush?

  • Jan

    Oprah is a BILLIONAIRE who got her start on TV in Nashville, TN, a southern state. She later got a gig in Dallas, TX. before moving to Balitmore, MD. After Baltimore the midwest , Chicago, hired her to replace a white man, Phil Donahue. Oprah has forgotten her real roots. She was not born in Africa and was never a slave.

    • VL


      • otlset

        She really is (Oprah).

    • She also lied about being a Zulu. After proudly announcing she was they asked an actual Zulu chieftain about it and he said “in her dreams.” What a phony.

  • God forbid a black man should take responsibility for his own failings. It’s all the white man’s fault.
    This is pure racism on Oprah’s part. Shame on her and her apologists.

    • VL

      Here we go.

    • VL

      18 thumbs up for lumping all black men together. Yeah, no racism here.

      • otlset

        “a black man”, aka Obama, the subject of Oprah’s race baiting.

  • Rosalie A Kelley

    Democrats are so guilty of using people to further there agenda. They are very often caught in there tactics. There lies eventually find them out. I don`t see where Wayne is lying. The truth always stings.

    • VL

      Using what people Rosalie? Out with it. Let’s hear it.

      • otlset

        Winfrey uses Obama as an example of a victim of racism — right in this one thread!

  • Abby Sapp

    Oprah? I used to love watching you and it had nothing to do with your race, but your intelligence.

    Now that you have shown your racism, you have defied your own intelligence and have become a potato. Not for your race, but because you aren’t as intelligent as I thought you were.

    My wrong.

  • Phillip Burdine

    Bristol used one black man to prove her point?? The Black man has a name, and I am pretty sure he, Wayne Dupree, not Bristol made the point. Liberals always gets their panties in a bunch when a Black American strays from the Plantation. The Plantation Liberals created and nurtured to insure independence and individual thought would remain suppressed. That is the definition of Racism and Slavery.
    And for the record not many people in this country have been vilified, lied about, or insulted than the Palin family and for what? Standing up and exercising their rights and beliefs as proud American Patriots. Hmm, isn’t that what Wayne Dupree is doing also? It is you and your ilk that are disgusting.

    • VL

      Just how many talk radio/conservative icon talking points can be crammed into one paragraph. Heh.

      • $70129662

        Too much truth for ya?

      • Phillip Burdine

        When Liberals can’t defend their position, they obfuscate and deflect.

  • Tiffany Blair

    FINALLY! I’m so glad he made this video. What an awesome guy.

  • $70129662

    Now there is a real man!! Thank you Sir!

    Bye-bye Sophia!

  • $70129662

    Bristol, perhaps you should consider adding an open thread to your blog?

    I would have posted this excellent piece there (in our continuing efforts to educate the low information voters):

    The ignorant omniscience of President Obama

    He knows everything. And yet he seems to know nothing. He’s passionate about the details of domestic policy but wasn’t privy to the details of his own legacy law. He’s an academic with a command of every issue at once but seemingly only finds out what his administration is doing in news reports. He’s so brilliant every normal endeavor he’s tried has bored him, but he couldn’t bother to entertain himself with more than one monthly meeting on the make-or-break program of his presidency. He’s the captain of the Culture of Competency who has overseen the most incompetent rollout of an entitlement program in history.


  • $3838536

    Oprah is fat, ugly & hates what she sees in the mirror.

  • otlset

    Please ‘unveil’ the language for us. Give us something besides the usual racial paranoia masquerading as some sort of unassailable ‘righteousness’.

  • colonel marstellar

    Well heres the truth of the matter!!!! If Oprah was not a racist she would say nice things about Dr Ben Carson but you wont hear her say a word about him because shes a socialist like obama ism

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    The White people made Oprah and Obama popular and Very Wealthy…Mostly ALL white women were on Oprah’s Shows….Mostly ALL white women bought Oprah’s magazines including myself…Obama was elected with a majority of WHITE People…and a majority of Whites still supports him today…I come to the conclusion that Oprah and Obama[half and half] are Racists and that this will not change…so…I say to Scone and Bone…leaves us alone…we are NOT the racists…You are…

    • $70129662

      You are right, they are the racists, cut from the same cloth as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.

  • Maubi

    I have never seen such racism in America until obama ran for office and has his minions claiming racism whenever he screws up and get called on it. It is so disgraceful I would be ashamed to show my face if I did something like that. But these people have no shame, Sharpton, Jackson have paved the way for this kind of abuse. And the blacks in America are either stupid or themselves racist. It isn’t the color Americans have a problem with, it is with Socialism, total disrespect of our country our laws and our Constitution. This is what we oppose this administration on, so no matter how they define it, it is just that simple.

  • bannie2

    Go, Wayne! Go! 🙂

  • Joe

    I can’t stand this racist bitch. She, like Obama, is a malignant
    narcissist who likens herself to God Almighty. She didn’t get behind
    Obama in 2012 because as dumb as she is, even she realizes there can
    only be one God (at least in her sick twisted mind) She never teaches,
    she ‘bestows her knowledge’, because, you know, she is so smart and all.
    Look at the name of her shows ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’. Read this article –
    very interesting and terrifying at the same time. http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/09/obama_oprah_and_the_guru_malig_1.html

    • Maubi

      Yes, now they are trying to form their own church which the Bible calls the Secular world church, while trying to destroy Christianity.

  • David

    Wayne Dupree tells it like it is. He is a good man.
    I just hope Oprah and Obama watch this video.
    Bristol, thanks for posting this video.

  • Andy

    Can’t watch the video with these stupid ass ads always playing…

  • otlset

    I would like Oprah to publicly denounce the “knockout game” which seems to be gaining popularity with groups of thugs in public places lately. If she has any influence for good (as has been touted ad nauseum by her PC adoring media sycophants), this would be a topic to exercise it for the benefit of all.

    • TrueBlue

      “Oh, yeah! Oprah’s black, the thugs who play the knockout game are black — so it’s fitting that Oprah answer for the black thugs, since they’re all black, right? I mean, no white person should be judged by Ted Bundy’s collossal failings, but blacks… they better clean their collective a** up!” So disappointing, otlset. I thought you were a critical thinker. But nope. You’re just critical.

      • otlset

        Heh, I knew someone would place the race card…again! It IS criminal hateful behavior you know.

        You’d rather she wouldn’t denounce such behavior?

        • TrueBlue

          I see NO NEED for her to denounce such behavior, as she has nothing to do with it. If I’m playing the “race card,” then please explain why do YOU need her to denounce it, if it has nothing to do with race?

          • otlset

            It has everything to do with race, as this phenomenon is practiced by young black thugs against unwitting whites unfortunate enough to be in their vicinity. As a prominent ‘spokesperson’ for black people due to her prominence on the scene and track record of speaking out about black issues (and screaming racism at the drop of a hat if someone says anything she can construe as racist), of which this is one, she should denounce it. It would be beneficial to all races, wouldn’t you agree?

          • TrueBlue

            And there it is: “It has everything to do with race…” Finally we get to the truth. I don’t agree with you at all. But what I see is that you want a prominent black person to denounce black violence. Why? Would that make it easier for you to not attribute such violence to all blacks? Though I’m a Dem, I don’t care to see notable figures denounce the entire Tea Party as racist, do you? But how do you think honest, open-minded, fiscally conservative Tea Party-ers feel when they are asked to prove that they’re not racist, just because someone who’s narrow-minded wants to paint all TP-ers with a broad brush? You’re asking Oprah to do the same thing — prove she doesn’t approve of the bad behavior that she hasn’t even condoned. How heavily laden would a white person’s shoulders be if he had to bear all responsibility for the actions of all whites? Or a Latina’s shoulders? Or any other ethnicity?

          • otlset

            1) You brought up race, and indeed it is germane to this issue. I avoided it in the first post just to see who would jump in, and how they might approach it. You didn’t disappoint with your typical outraged knee-jerk reaction.

            2) Oprah can at least speak out against it, as you know she would if roving gangs of whites practiced the same barbarity against unwitting blacks. I could even imagine Sarah Palin (who likewise would have nothing to do with it), who speaks for many including me — joining in to denounce such white gang ‘activities’. And she wouldn’t be alone among outraged and vocal whites you can be sure.

          • TrueBlue

            Are you kidding?! Sarah Palin would denounce “white gang ‘activities'”?! She was outraged that Dr. Laura was called to the mat for throwing the N-word at a caller!

            Oprah has done wonderful things on behalf of many people of different races, but if she doesn’t denounce the knockout game, nothing else matters?

            And as for your first point, I’m disappointed that your purpose was to race bait and not engage in a sincere discussion. My comment wasn’t knee-jerk, it was sincere, and I wouldn’t have engaged you if I didn’t think we could talk. I’m sorry I misjudged you. But take heart: Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, et al will probably denounce the knockout game if they haven’t already, so you’ll still have plenty of your spokespeople in your corner.

          • otlset

            Well as white folks, Beck and Limbaugh should denounce such outrageously violent behavior. As a black person, Winfrey should also speak out against it. All should speak out against it, shouldn’t they? Especially high-profile people who complain about issues of race to begin with (Obama as victim of racism to explain his numerous failures in office so far).

            And yes, I believe there’s a very good chance in such circumstances Sarah would speak out if the races were reversed. Do you think she’s racist, based on your Dr Laura example above? Sincere discussion now.

          • TrueBlue

            No, I don’t think Sarah Palin’s racist. I think she’s just not insightful. There is a line of cognitive dissonance that separates people who are not of the same ethnicity. Their life experiences are never the same, so understanding only goes so far. I’m here, a biracial woman who has experienced racism and is the daughter of a white woman and is married to a white Italian, telling you that Oprah Winfrey does not have a responsibility to denounce the knockout game. How will you receive my comment now that I’ve disclosed my POV? Most blacks would tell you that your request is silly. She’s been the victim of racism, and like you or me, she has a RIGHT to speak her mind freely. That’s what Sarah Palin championed when she defended Dr. Laura’s rant — the right of free speech. Oprah does not owe you an apology because you don’t like “black thugs” playing the knockout game. Oprah would probably say that the game is awful. Do you actually believe she would applaud it?

          • otlset

            Not at all. Yes I think there is a cognitive dissonance as you say that separates people not of the same ethnicity — and it occurs in any race.

            Of course Oprah has no responsibility to renounce the ‘game’. But it would be nice to see her do it though, and I think it might do some good. But as you say, she’s not obligated to of course.

          • TrueBlue

            It’s good of you to let Oprah off the hook. : ) And for the record, I actually did email SarahPAC requesting a donation to my local food bank. I got the boilerplate response, then nothing. It’s of no consequence; I’m sure SP has her own charitable-giving preferences, and she’s definitely not obligated to answer to me, either.

          • TrueBlue

            And one more thing, blacks get just as outraged by crime perpetrated by blacks as whites get about crimes perpetrated by whites. That fact is a no-brainer to people who can function outside of stereotypes.

          • otlset

            Then why doesn’t Winfrey speak up?

          • TrueBlue

            Why don’t you do what you told me to do when I wanted to know if SP would be willing to send money to my local food bank: write to Oprah letting her know that it’s very important to you that a person with her platform and skin color denounce the knockout game. As I stated below, I’m sure she’d find it abhorrent, because from a HUMAN perspective, it is. The fact that she hasn’t said anything about it might be simply because she’s not even heard about it. I hadn’t even heard about it before you brought it up.

          • otlset

            Then I’ve made you aware of a disgusting “sucker-punch and knockout whitey” game that appears to be rising in popularity, much like “flash mobs” coordinated by cellphone or social media to swarm innocent businesses and loot them in broad daylight. All these are truly signs of a society in rapid decline. We need to come together and be respectful of one another as citizens, or the new dark age of a fragmented and polarized society at war against itself internally will descend on us rapidly. As it is, fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being victimized only because of the color of your skin is behind my bringing this phenomenon up to begin with.

          • TrueBlue

            “As it is, fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being victimized only because of the color of your skin is behind my bringing this phenomenon up to begin with.” Fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin color is a fear that lots people of any skin color have experienced. It’s always wrong, and we can do better. But remember, Oprah is of the generation that grew up at a time when such fear was a result of violent, sanctioned, legal racism against blacks. And I’ve lived in the south for a very long time. Racism wasn’t legal when I was coming up, but it was very much accepted. One way white people can continue to facilitate progress is by not yelling, “You’re a liar!” when a non-white person says, “This is what I’ve been through. This is where I’m coming from.” I’m proud to say that I have many white friends and family members who would never discount experiences that they themselves can’t relate to. It’s a true generosity of spirit. I’m blessed to call them family and friends.

    • DHardy

      Oprah is mostly likely pay these little Hoodrats to do it

  • Kristy Patullo

    That was so awesome! He speaks the truth. Oprah is the real racist. I especially
    love his defense of your Mom, Bristol. Martin Bashir’s comments were beyond the
    pale. Vile and vulgar. Totally inexcusable.

  • AuntieSocial1

    FINALLY, a black man who has the balls to acknowledge this isn’t about race, it’s about how Obama is NOT doing his job! Oprah Winfrey needs to go away and shut the hell up! She lost all my respect when she backed Obama and not Hilary Clinton. She made most of her money off of middle class white women, and when it was time to back a woman for President, she went racial. Hilary had more experience by FAR than Obama, the community organizer. How she can say it’s about race, when her audiences for YEARS were 90% WHITE WOMEN, who loved and supported her! Well, Mr. Wayne Dupree, you have a NEW FAN! LOVE IT!

  • AuntieSocial1

    One thing that hasn’t been said here, OBAMA ISN’T BLACK! He is HALF-WHITE! Why does that not count for anything? I will tell you why. Some of you BLACK RACIST, OBAMA SUPPORTERS, were totally taken in by him as he hoped you would be. He barely mentioned his white roots or the fact he was raised by a WEALTHY WHITE GRANDMOTHER. His black daddy ran off as soon as he got a chance and went back to Africa. He has NO connection to the blacks and their struggles in this country, past or present. He has played on your weakness, and that weakness is RACISM. That weakness is always and forever being the “Victims” of oppression from 200 frickin years ago. He knew the majority of blacks in a America would look at him as a “Savior,” and you did! He can’t relate to any of you, other than being smart enough to know how to play on your weakness and count on your vote for your “Black?” savior. Shame on you, for buying into his lies. He couldn’t care less about ANY of you.

  • JrMiss33

    It’s heartbreaking to hear idiots call people racist just because they see through a deceptive President. My only words are, grow up and open your ears.

  • JrMiss33

    Bristol, stay strong and don’t let people get you down. It’s sad that your ex lives like he’s never hurt you or a family member of yours. It’s sad how you’ve always been there for your son, and he chose to be a jerkoff by his handler’s side and diregard feelings. It’s sad how your parents actually defended him even after you first broke up, but he used them for evil purposes anyway. They allowed you to make your own dating decisions, and it didnt’ work out. If HE were ready to be a father, he wouldn’t have acted that way, inciting you to protect your loved ones from him.

  • VicBailey

    This man is a light at the end of the tunnel we are coming out of, and a lot more people are wizening up to Bama’s BULLS_IT! We WILL get America back!
    Semper Fi.

  • dennis howell

    love this guy..a black man in the know,we need more then just a hand full

  • DHardy

    Amen Mr Dupree, We were all excited for Americas First president. I am a republican and I was ready to vote across party lines until the Rev. Wrights tapes came out I knew right than Obama was a racist and he raised his children as racists. Plus the way Rev Wright was talking about our country was over the top, I would not be associating with anti American and having them baptize my children. His spiritual mentor for 20 yrs…No way I knew he would be bad for America…We have Hundreds of qualified capable impressionable black leaders men and women that would have been 1000 times better than Obama. Obama is a stain on our society.

  • Bob Nordberg

    Bristol Palin…keep up the good work kiddo…PS your mom was right about Obama all along…..Bill Ayers wrote Obama book ‘DREAMS’….Jack Cashill discovered it….Thomas Lipscomb (the publisher of dreams) confermed it…and Christopher Anderson’s book ‘Barak and Michell’ proved beyound all doubt! Award winning Author Thomas Lipscomb agrees with Jack! Here are the links to this huge blockbuster story http://pjmedia.com/blog/what-if-ayers-joke-about-writing-dreams-is-on-the-press/

    You need to purchase this book. Shawn Hannity did, This award winning author found two eye witness to Ayers being the author of Dreams for Obama!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmuBdMs8PpESean Hannity & Christopher Andersen on Barack and Michelle

    Why this all matters! We now have Eric Holder protecting Bill Ayers from the murder of another first responder. Holder states they have their own investigation “Stop yours”http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Police-officers-told-to-zip-lips-on-bombing-3247571.php

    After Hannity interview CNN explaines how White House THREATEN CNN!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c_1EcGjeNkCNN: White House canceled appearance because of interview

    • Bob Nordberg

      PS Bristol Bill Ayers said he wrote ‘Dreams’ …not once…not twice…but three times…. Bill Ayers

      the first


      Here ya go!

      • Bob Nordberg

        How many books have you read, or think you would have to read to come up with two that both tell a story on a older man teaching a young boy about a River that ‘GOES BOTH WAYS?’….and how many books would you need to read that tell this story from the EXACT SAME SPOT ON PLANET EARTH?…..Both in Bill Ayers previous books he tells a story ….and Obama tell the same story …..12th St. Bridge at the same dang park on the Hudson River in NYC………! Ayers wrote Dreams…..Then ask your self if you did find two books describing this exact story….What are the chances that these two authors also tell another story ….This story as well you would have to read all the books in the library of congress to find twice….This second story is about a Boy….sitting on op of a Water Buffalo….Hitting it with a Bamboo Stick….Both Ayers (( AND )) Obama tell that story as well…. Oh yes…and they both miss quote ‘Chicago’ the same exact way as well….The list goes on and on….Then add the Puletser prize winning author finding two eye witness to Obama pulling up in front of Ayers home and watching Obama take from his trunk all his FAILED previous work with Dreams …including audio tapes of oral historys Obama got from Kenya and family photos and delivered all this to Ayers home. It’s all here in this award winning book from Chris Andersonhttp://www.amazon.com/Barack-Michelle-Portrait-American-Marriage/dp/B005Q5W4NA

  • Michael Cummings

    I can’t appreciate Oprah anymore. I don’t know how to put it so I will put it this way: “if there were 10 cribs on the side of the road filled with babies that she felt would likely die without her help, and only one or two of the cribs had black babies in them, she would CLIMB OVER the other children to put the black children on her show to try and prove to us she is a good person. As well as call the child African.

    Matthew 23:15 NIV
    “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.

    Thanks for telling us about this victim Bristol:

    I really thought having a black president would, for example, stop the outrageous amount of black mothers tricked into aborting their child. Having a black president only made race relations far worse.

    God bless you, thank you for pointing out this angel!

  • Exodus2011

    oprah – you.are.WRONG.