This is an amazing story! When everyone thought he was as good as dead, Martin Pistorious proved them all wrong. Read more

Wonderful news!! Wonderful news!! Wonderful news!! Read more

Almost fifteen years later, the wealthy singer wonders, “Is God punishing me for that abortion?” Read more

My mom looves to quote Martin Luther King Jr. His niece, Dr. Alveda King, has some great things to say too! Read more

Rebekah Bortnicker will never forget the day she got a personal gift from Taylor Swift. Read more

“I would never recommend it to anyone because it comes back to haunt you.” Read more

How awesome would it be to have a World War II veteran cheering you on? Read more

Maggie Grace says Liam Neeson is “the best fake movie dad any girl could ask for.” Read more

Their arguments don’t hold up in a logical argument, so they distract people by waving around a crocheted uterus instead. Read more

Seriously, you can’t get any more adorable than this. Read more

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