Woman: I Was Forced to Donate My Aborted Baby Parts and Then Watch My Baby’s Dissection

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As the 8th video from the investigative journalists at the Center for Medical Progress released today, women are starting to step forward to tell about their own shocking treatment at Planned Parenthood. [Read more…]

Sarah Palin Spotted in California CVS Buying Reading Glasses


So my mom — Sarah Palin — is out of her normal Alaska element and is guest hosting at One America News in California. [Read more…]

Obama Played More than 1,100 Hours of Golf as President, and Mom is the Controversial One?

This is so infuriating! [Read more…]

Top 8 Instagram Posts Reminding You Why to “Stand for Life”


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I just started following @standforlifemovement on Instagram and now every time I scroll through my feed, I see a beautiful reminder of why I #standforlife! [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood: When Shipping Dead Baby Heads, Make Sure Eyes are Closed

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A judge decided to let the public see the rest of the secretly taped Planned Parenthood videos, and — brace yourself — they’re as chilling as the others.  You can view the preview of the video below — the full video will be released shortly.  Here’s the part that made my blood boil.  Here’s a snippet of a conversation about how hard it is to ship severed baby heads. [Read more…]