Kelsey Grammer Shows His Support for Pro-Life Movement in Instagram Post

How awesome is this?  Kelsey Grammer is taking a stand for life! In an Instagram post, Kayte Grammer, Kelsey’s wife, posted a picture of the Frasier star wearing a t-shirt from pro-life website

While the picture trends on social media, liberal news outlets are in a tizzy as they try to wrap their head around the fact that a Hollywood A-lister might not think that the murder of innocent unborn children is ok.  Huffington Post’s headline mentioned Grammer’s “Bizarre Pro-Choice Shirt.” [Read more…]

I Won’t Shut Up – I’m a Parent and a Big Sister: I Can Talk about IUDs if I Want to!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.39.57 AM

Everyone’s telling me to shut up about commenting on the issue in Washington State… (Click HERE for the background.) Do they not realize what is going on? [Read more…]

What Happened When A Woman Told Me “Bristol Palin is an Idiot” – Not Realizing I Was Bristol Palin


This morning I was my reading daily “encouraging word” from K-Love and it really hit home to me..  [Read more…]

12 Christians Crucified by ISIS, Including 12-Year-Old Boy

The latest reports out of Syria are horrifying.  Please read what is happening and SHARE the stories of these martyrs. [Read more…]

3 PHOTOS: Hanging Out with my Favorite Boys

how I spent my Labor laziest Monday

Sometimes you just need a lazy day. Trig agrees! [Read more…]