A Precious Girl with Down Syndrome Sings “Let It Go” – Inspirational!

This will definitely put a smile on your face! (Unless your heart is frozen!) Read more

Meriam Ibrahim on Why She Didn’t Just Deny Christ to Save Her Life

It’s hard to believe that Meriam is back here in the United States and living with her family. Watch her amazing interview here. Read more

Watch Mark and Sadie Talk about the New Season of DWTS — and Uncle Si

Go, Sadie, go! Read more

Nine Months of Pregnancy in Only 6 Seconds

Pregnant women are really carrying precious little gifts from God! See the transformation in 6 seconds. Read more

Mike Ditka Endorses Illinois Republican Bruce Rauner in this Funny Clip

Coach Ditka is not intimidated the police of political correctness. Read more

Jill’s House – Helping Parents of Kids with Disabilities Get a Little Break

When Jill was a baby and struggling with frequent life-threatening seizures, her mom prayed God would use Jill’s life in a mighty way. He has. Read more

Special Needs People Need the Gospel Too

Those with intellectual or developmental disabilities can be a hidden minority in a congregation. But their need to hear the gospel is the same as anyone else’s. Read more

A Reflection on Joan Rivers, Who Has Died at 81 Years Old

Proverbs tells us that “A joyful heart is good medicine.” I am so sad to hear that Joan Rivers, legendary funny-woman, has passed away: Read more

How a 15 Year Old Sabotaged a Bookstore’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” Display

Whether you think this book is high literature or pornographic, you might get a smile out of this teenager’s sabotage. Read more

Pray for Joan Rivers

Please pray. Read more

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