“Black and Brown” Kids Shouldn’t Be Suspended?

Being racist is NOT the cure for racism! Read more

Look What My Mom Got! (Everything’s Bigger in Texas)

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. But check out this big fat wild Texan hog Mom got! Read more

How a Paraplegic Veteran Surprised His Bride for Their First Dance

This is true love. Read more

Give a Christmas Gift, Get a Spouse?!

You won’t believe this sweet love story. Read more

More College Students Approve of “Post Birth Abortion”

How can people actually think this?? Read more

Impeachment Goes Mainstream, but Mom Said It First

Mom was right: Obama deserves to be impeached. And more people are realizing that. Read more

High School Student Beats Incumbent, Becomes Youngest State Representative in the Country

Saira Blair is not ashamed to be young and conservative! Read more

Why I Prayed on Thursday

Mom and dad hosted over 50 people… but it’s good to remember why we were getting together. Read more

Charles Barkley Infuriates Liberals after Speaking about Ferguson, “Real Black People” and More

Former NBA star Charles Barkley called those who rioted after the decision was announced “scumbags,” and said “There is no excuse for people to be out there burning down people’s businesses, burning down police cars.” Read more

Check Out What this Military Wife Did to Surprise Her Husband

Could you keep a hundred-pound weight loss a secret for a whole year? Read more

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