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Imagination and Lies

Thanksgiving is over, and Santa is about.We tend to be very realist; I have never been able to tell my kids with a straight face that Santa or the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny exists, even in fun. We celebrate St. Nicholas' feast day with great devotion and excitement. The CCC St. Nicholas movie is our second favorite saint movie of all (his quote "Even if I'm the only Christian left, I will always love you" makes me cry every time and the kids crack up). And we tell the kids that people … [Read more...]

Punctuation Worksheets | Grammar & Reading Resouces | K12 Reader

Punctuation Worksheets | Grammar & Reading Resouces | K12 Reader. I just found this super duper resource for teaching language arts.  Lots of free downloads, if you printed this all out it would replace a lot of workbooks! … [Read more...] Advent Candle Set: Kitchen & Dining Advent Candle Set: Kitchen & Dining. If, like me, you are a bit behind, with prime you can have these by tuesday.  Realistically, that is before I would get them from a store anyway.  I did try in two stores today, so I am not a total loser. … [Read more...]

Stocking Stuffers?

Any suggestions for non-junk stocking stuffers? One friend said socks and extra stretchy gloves, my kids always need those, so I thought that was great. I usually put in lip balm, a grapefruit, a little bit of candy, a fun toothbrush.What do you think? … [Read more...]

While tackling the “to-do” list

 Faith & Family : Features : From Attitude to Gratitude. I found the reflection above very moving, and I hope to keep it in mind as I go about my busy, busy Advent.  It is particularly fitting because we are about to begin braces for our oldest, so I can sympathize with all of the pain and frustration that goes along with that "privilege," even from the parents perspective.  We have to pay a crazy amount of money to the orthodontist and we have to schedule a ton of a … [Read more...]

Building Cathedrals Gift Guide 2011

People have been asking me for suggestions of gifts for my children, and I admit to being a bit at a loss this year.  We have some perennial favorites, but although we could use an influx of new toys and games, I don't really know what is out there.  I thought I might offer some of our favorites, and perhaps you can help me out with ideas that will be our future favorites.In the past, we have talked about clutter free gifts such as museum and zoo memberships, and I am still a big fan of those. … [Read more...]

It’s Handprint Turkey Time

I am so excited and touched the my children have been asking when we are going to do the handprint turkeys. This silly little tradition is fully part of their Thanksgiving. I hope that they will still come back and do it when they are in college. I hope that they will do it with my grandkids. For some reason, it gives me so much joy. I have a lot of the old turkeys somewhere, and I should make an album. My oldest baby is 5 foot 2 inches now, with big hands to match -- it goes SO fast! … [Read more...]


My friends and I often joke about "mommy brain" when we say something incomprehensible, forget something important, or fail to complete a task that used to be simple for us, such as calculating a 10% tip and splitting it 5 ways at dinner, for example. I came across this article while searching for an answer to the question, "Is there such a thing as mommy brain?" The short answer is that a mother's brain capacity is the same during pregnancy and motherhood as it was before she became a mother; … [Read more...]

Builder Baby Boom

Count our family in to the 2012 Building Cathedrals' Baby Boom...So far we have: Red due in January Awol Mommy due in February Texas Mommy due in AprilAnd now... B-mama due in May!!!!In an effort to keep things real for our readers, I'll be honest and say the news initially took us by storm.  We were shocked, unprepared, and left wondering what God intended for our already-bustling family.  He is so Provident, though, knowing just what we needed before we ever imagined it possible.  He wi … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Recall: Smucker’s Recalls Jars Of Chunky Peanut Butter Due To Possible Salmonella Contamination

Peanut Butter Recall: Smucker's Recalls Jars Of Chunky Peanut Butter Due To Possible Salmonella Contamination. Interesting, because I tried to buy this product last night and the shelf was bare, which I thought was because of the peanut shortage, but perhaps Wegmans had already pulled the Smuckers from the shelves. … [Read more...]