Church Sign Epic Fails, “Big Ass” Edition

If I were a dog, I’d like to be a Shih Tzu. I bet they have some pretty good ideas about what’s going on. Oh, right! Church signs…

Actually, it’s the fourteen potato casseroles you’ve eaten since Lent.
Yeah, um, no…wait, yeah, that makes perfect sense.
And if you act now, you can take advantage of a 30% discount on offering. Call it “Black Sunday.”
Really? Oh wow, because every time I used it before, I ended up with a bar of soap in my mouth.
Yes, once you get the whole “Kingdom of God” thing figured out, you can move on to more important matters, like college sports.
I’m not sure exactly what the person who thought of this sign was on when they conceived of it, but I hope there’s some left.
Turns out salvation really just means you’ll come back as a soda can. Kind of a bummer, but here’s hoping it ain’t Pepsi!

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  • Chad

    In regards to the “Fear God” sign… are they trying to say that God is nothing? Cause that’s the impression I got.

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    That one church must be in Ohio… I’d curse them, but I’m from so far north in Michigan that OSU doesn’t even enter in to the equation. MSU all the way!