How a traditional church can grow again


This traditional church is growing by about 10 percent a year. The nursery is bursting with children. They recently expanded their sanctuary and parking lots and added a third service to accommodate the crush of people. Their mission and community outreach are broadening.
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Why traditional churches should stick with traditional worship


St. Mark’s is a traditional church. And it’s very good at being a traditional church. But it’s a lousy contemporary church. [Read more...]

Are sermons becoming obsolete?

puritan pulpit

The live lecture is disappearing. Only two institutions still regularly offer them: universities and churches. [Read more...]

Stogies for Jesus

Cigar 2

“Men having a cigar, discussing Godly principles, and encouraging each other.” [Read more...]

Easter Services and Men


Many churches see their highest attendance on Easter Sunday. The pews are packed with folks who don’t normally come. Many of these infrequent guests are men, dragged to church by their wives and mothers. [Read more...]

Why Naked Women Look So Good

Naked woman

“I approached the fence and looked through a gap in the wooden slats. I expected to see a few people playing cards or watching TV. Instead I saw a beautiful woman talking on the phone. No big deal—if she had been dressed. But she wasn’t.” [Read more...]

Help me reinvent men’s ministry


Almost every church that launches a men’s program meets with failure. There’s clearly room for a new approach to men’s ministry – or perhaps an ancient one. [Read more...]