How to preach 3 hour sermons

Men can sit through a 3-hour football game or a 3-hour epic movie without being bored – so why can’t they sit through a 3-hour sermon? Or a 1-hour sermon? Or even a 30-minute sermon? Read more

I’ve finally found the perfect church

After years of searching I’ve finally found the perfect church. Let me tell you about it. Read more

Confusing Worship with Fellowship

Megachurches attract a higher percentage of men. One of the reasons is that they’ve divided worship and fellowship into two separate events. Read more

What’s the #1 thing men hate?

Go ahead. Type “why men hate” into any popular search engine. The first result on Google, Yahoo! and Bing is the same. Read more

Thinking outside the church planting box

What if there are millions of men who would become disciples if only we offered them something other than a weekly stage presentation? Read more

Does your church look like a beauty parlor?

Ribbons. Flowers. Quilts. Lace. How has this become the default look for the local church? In what way does this dewy décor reflect our mission? And what does this motif communicate to men? Read more

Why Men are Afraid to Make Disciples

The church often calls upon individuals to go out and serve God courageously – but we do not build the support structures around them that will enable them to succeed. Read more

Helping Men Through their “Crazy Times”

Every day we hear stories of men doing stupid things. Walking away from their careers. Gambling away their life savings. Forsaking their wives and children. Shooting strangers in a shopping mall. Read more

The Futility of Father’s Day Services

We celebrate men on the Sunday they’re least likely to be among us. Read more

Are millennial men less manly?

Men in their 20s don’t conform to strict gender roles the way their fathers and grandfathers did. In fact, many young guys are rejecting stereotypically manly behaviors – dismissing them as silly and sophomoric. Read more

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