Gangs fathering the fatherless


“A gang gives you something that nothing in the world or no amount of money can give you: a family, an acceptance,” he said. [Read more...]

How to pray aloud like a man


Have you ever noticed that Christians speak normally to one another, but when they speak to aloud to God they lapse into a strange language and tone? I call this “prayer-speak” and it’s epidemic in evangelical churches today. [Read more...]

Does a lack of men lead to liberalism? (part 2)


Men tend to put rules first; women tend to put relationships first. [Read more...]

Does a lack of men lead to liberalism? (part 1)


Once these golden-hearted grandmothers became the driving force in the church, the slide into liberalism was inevitable. There are two reasons why.
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Men, superheroes and church


Superheroes, comic books, films and video games – young men can’t get enough of them. [Read more...]

Why men have stopped singing in church


It happened again yesterday. I was attending one of those hip, contemporary churches — and almost no one sang. [Read more...]

Mormons, Muslims, men and church


Two religions that put special emphasis on men are America’s fastest growing, according to a recent study.
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