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Senate Supports Indefinite Detention

Congress is currently working on the National Defense Authorization Act, the military appropriation bill for next year, and it includes a provision that would give the president authority to detain anyone, including American citizens, indefinitely without a trial. … [Read more...]

Shame on the National Press Club

In Washington a few weeks ago I went to the National Press Club for the first time. While I was on vacation, the club decided to suspend a reporter for asking tough questions to a Saudi crown prince during a press conference there. Here's the exchange: … [Read more...]

Herman Cain: Beginning of the End

The Hill reports that Herman Cain told supporters that he is "reassessing" whether to remain in the race in the wake of new allegations that he carried on a long affair with an Atlanta businesswoman. … [Read more...]

Whitehead on the Suppression of OWS

As more and more cities send in heavily armed police officers to break up the Occupy Wall Street protests, John Whitehead is one of the very few conservative voices speaking out for the protesters and, more importantly, for the First Amendment. He writes: … [Read more...]

Kansas Tweeter Being Attacked by Fellow Students

The school administration backed down and Gov. Brownback apologized for getting Emma Sullivan in trouble for exercising her free speech rights, but some of her fellow students are being first-class assholes about the whole thing. … [Read more...]

Fake Terrorist: Obama Wants Sharia Law

We have a relatively new group here called Transformation Michigan, group of serious wingnuts like you wouldn't believe. They were one of the groups that organized that prayer rally at Ford Field a few weeks ago and they've been going all over the state announcing a divorce decree between the United States and Baal. Yeah, we're talking some serious crazy here. And Rachel Tabachnick at Talk2Action reports on a conference call they held recently that included Kalam Saleem, one of the many fake … [Read more...]

Gingrich and Christian Nation Mythology

Bruce Wilson at Talk2Action has video from a conference where Newt Gingrich appeared with David Barton and others pushing the Christian Nation myth. He writes: … [Read more...]

Why Science Doesn’t Destroy Wonder

One of the arguments made by many people, from fundamentalist Christians to pagan, new agey types, is that science somehow destroys the "magic" of the world and robs us of our sense of wonder. That argument has never made sense to me at all. Robin Ince gives a TED talk on why it's nonsense. … [Read more...]

Conservatives Love the Constitution. Except When They Don’t.

There are few things more absurd than the right's rhetoric about the Constitution. To hear them tell it, the Constitution was delivered to the Founding Fathers by Jesus himself at Mt. Sinai, a perfect and holy document that they nonetheless are always wanting to change. … [Read more...]

Rubin Declares Bachmann Competent

Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post's conservative columnist, has an "exclusive" interview with Michele Bachmann. How is an interview "exclusive" if the person is giving interviews to lots of other people too? I suppose she hasn't done this exact interview before, but that would make every interview an exclusive and that kind of defeats the purpose of having exclusive interviews, doesn't it? … [Read more...]

Taxpayers Pay For Propaganda for Dictators

Foreign Policy reports that a Pentagon program is spending $120 million a year on building propaganda websites to support repressive dictators around the world, including Uzbekistan thug Islam Karimov. … [Read more...]

Geller Freaks Out About Muslim Creationism

You might want to put those irony meters away for this one. The endlessly idiotic Pam Geller has found a new target for her righteous rage after the terrorist turkeys and it is -- spins wheel -- Muslim medical students opposing the teaching of evolution because if conflicts with the Quran. … [Read more...]