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Gangnam Style Video Shows Antichrist is Gay

I'm not sure who the guy in this video is, but he appears to be entirely serious. He's analyzing the now-infamous Gangnam Style video, which he says is a message directly from God about the nature of the Anti-Christ. And it apparently reveals that the Anti-Christ had a gay relationship with the False Prophet. If this was a parody, it would be fucking brilliant. … [Read more...]

Homeopath Demands Arrest, Deportation of Morgan

There's already more than enough rank stupidity being thrown around about deporting Piers Morgan for making pro-gun control statements on his show, but now Natural News, a bugnutty homeopathy site run by the deranged Mike Adams, is demanding that he be arrested for sedition! … [Read more...]

More Fake Quotes in Santa Monica Atheist Displays

You probably know by now that Damon Vix and his group Atheists United managed to get a nativity scene out of a public park in Santa Monica by forcing the city first to open up the park as a public forum and then, by putting up lots of non-religious displays, prompt them to shut down the whole thing and not allow any unattended displays of any kind. And I laud him and them for that. But I wish they cared more about accuracy, which ought to matter to atheists and skeptics more than to our … [Read more...]

Seriously, Stop This Dumb Petition

That White House petition to have the Westboro Baptist Church declared a hate group, a designation that does not exist in the law, has now gathered about a quarter million signatures, making it the most popular petition ever done on the We the People website. And now there are two new ones: … [Read more...]

Another Atheist Display Destroyed

In what is surely the least surprising news you'll hear this week, yet another atheist sign has been destroyed. In West Milford, New Jersey, they decided to create a public forum for holiday displays on city property this year and some local atheists put up a sign that said “You KNOW it’s a myth. This season, celebrate REASON!” And a bunch of people lost their damn minds over it. … [Read more...]

Elderly Atheists Have It Worse

Atheism is growing in this country, but the growth is mostly among younger people. Surveys show that older people are far more likely to believe in God than younger people, which, I'm sorry to say had never occurred to me, almost certainly means that older atheists are more likely to face hostility among their social group than younger people are. A PBS station in California has a report on the matter. … [Read more...]

GOP Rep. Supports DOMA Repeal

Rep. Richard Hanna, a Republican congressman from New York who was voted into office in the 2010 Tea Party election, has come out in favor of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and guaranteeing federal recognition of all legal marriages performed in the states. … [Read more...]

Violently Removing God From Schools

Operation Save America is one of the most extreme of all the far-right Christian groups in the United States, so it's not at all surprising to hear them react to the recent school shootings with some of the most outlandish and ridiculous rhetoric: … [Read more...]

Badass Quote of the Day

Glenn Greenwald, perhaps the single most indispensable voice for civil liberties in today's media, has moved from to the Guardian. In a recent column at his new home, he offers up this eloquently worded statement in defense of a government limited by real constitutional safeguards: … [Read more...]

Liberal Hypocrisy on Filibusters

I've written many times about how Republicans and Democrats often exchange scripts when it comes to the filibuster. When one party is in power in the Senate, the filibuster is a terribly evil idea that must be done away with; when that same party is in the minority, the filibuster is an absolutely essential tool to avoid majoritarian tyranny. Lather, rinse, repeat. But I'm pretty disappointed to see the liberal group Common Cause behaving the same way. They actually filed a lawsuit to get the … [Read more...]

Those Poor, Persecuted Christian Clerks

OneNewsNow, the "news" wing of the American Family Association, has an article about those terribly persecuted Christian clerks in Maine, where same-sex marriage is now legal. And it turns out they can't discriminate against gay couples if they choose to perform weddings: … [Read more...]

Farah vs NRA

This could make another good wingnut on wingnut crime report, but there's more to it than that. Worldnutdaily founder Joseph Farah disagrees with his good friends at the NRA. He thinks putting an armed guard in every school leads to a "police state," so better to arm union thugs, I mean, teachers and administrators. … [Read more...]