Plus: two new images from the film, which is still set for a March release in the UK and Australia. Read more

Forever My Girl is family-friendly and phony, while Den of Thieves is a decent, if violent, cat-and-mouse heist flick. Read more

Some details on the disc’s bonus features, plus an update on the film’s box-office performance. Read more

The film comes to theatres across North America on February 16. Read more

Readers were particularly interested in posts about The Shack and The Case for Christ. Read more

As per my 2017 Journal, videos and DVDs are in italics. Films I saw for the first time have an asterisk (*) next to them. Not counting extras and promo items. Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr Jan 1 — Black Cop [2017] * Jan 1 — Fail to Appear * Jan 1 — Gregoire * Jan 1 — Les Faux Tatouages [aka Fake Tattoos] *Jan 1 — Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [season 3, episodes 13-14] *Jan 2… Read more

The filmmakers talk about how they re-created the Palestine of first-century BC, and more. Read more

The film opens in the UK, Australia and possibly North America in March. Read more

Samson comes to theatres February 16, and Paul, Apostle of Christ March 28. Read more

Plus: the animated film Ferdinand — from the makers of Ice Age and Rio — had the worst opening ever for its studio. Read more

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