Spielberg and Rylance reunite for a film about interfaith tensions at a pivotal moment in Catholic history


Religion has been a recurring theme in Steven Spielberg’s films.

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Risen and The Young Messiah are coming to Blu-Ray


Risen and The Young Messiah — two movies that take place at opposite ends of Jesus’ earthly life — are still playing in theatres here and there, but the films have basically finished their theatrical runs. That means it’s time for their home video release.

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Paramount shows exhibitors some more Ben-Hur footage


Paramount promoted its upcoming films at CinemaCon yesterday, and one of them, of course, was the upcoming remake of Ben-Hur, which comes out August 19.

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Watch: Last Days in the Desert star Ewan McGregor invites you to an evening of film, music and conversation


Last Days in the Desert, which stars Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and the Devil, is officially coming to theatres on May 13. But first it’s going to have an evening of special screenings that will combine the film with music and a bit of conversation.

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Ben-Hur release date gets bumped to a later week in August


Uh-oh. Deadline is reporting that the new version of Ben-Hur — which was once going to come out February 26 — has been bumped from its August 12 release date.

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The shortest Ben-Hur ever? Timur Bekmambetov says his version will be “two hours”, “not a four-hour story”


Admittedly, the headline on this post may be a tad misleading. The shortest version of Ben-Hur to date is a 16-minute one-reeler produced in 1907, before feature-length films had really become a thing. And there are also at least two animated versions of this story (made in 1988 and 2003) that are an hour in length, give or take.1

But as far as feature-length live-action adaptations go, the shortest version of Ben-Hur to date is the silent film produced in 1925, which has a running time of 143 minutes. The 1959 version with Charlton Heston runs 222 minutes (including eight minutes of overture and entr’acte music). And the 2010 miniseries runs about 180 minutes.

And it sounds like this year’s version might be shorter than all three of them.

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