Win a copy of Miracles from Heaven on Blu-Ray!

miraclesfromheavenAnother month, another Blu-Ray giveaway! Last month I marked the debut of my new Facebook page by giving away a copy of Risen, and this month I’m giving away a copy of Miracles from Heaven on Blu-Ray (and Digital), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The disc includes an audio commentary by director Patricia Riggen and screenwriter Randy Brown, featurettes on the making of the film as well as the real-life family that inspired it, and some powerful deleted scenes. Click here for details on how you can win your very own copy of this film, and stay tuned for my interview with the real-life Christy Beam.

Watch: Idris Elba on being the villain in Star Trek Beyond


The film comes out in ten days and I still don’t have a very clear sense as to what Star Trek Beyond will be about — but one thing we do know is that the big “villain” of this film will be an alien who questions the Federation’s assumptions about itself. This aspect of the movie is teased in a new featurette that went online today.

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The first four clips from Ben-Hur are now online, and a few other things we learned about the movie today


A lot of new footage from the upcoming remake of Ben-Hur went live today.

First, the website posted four clips from the film as part of a “faith-based” discussion guide. And then, a 20-minute montage of film clips was included in a simulcast hosted by Rick Warren and producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey that was streamed to churches and other venues across the country.

These clips give us our best look at the film yet, and they reveal some of the ways that this new version of Ben-Hur will differ from the versions that came before it.

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Box office: Pets, Dory set new records for animated films


A couple of animated films set a few new records at the box office this week.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes twenty-one and twenty-two


Synopsis. Joseph continues to encourage his fellow inmates. One day, while they are all on a food break at the quarry, Joseph sees a Canaanite chasing a runaway camel, and Joseph, without revealing who he is, asks the man for news of his family and gives him a cryptic message to take back to Jacob. Apopis is woken by a bad dream and learns that Inarus, too, has had a dream. They ask Joseph to interpret the dreams, and Joseph, to prove his words are trustworthy, makes a prophecy that comes true within minutes, as a meal of luxurious food arrives unexpectedly from Zuleikha. Joseph tells the inmates he is a “messenger” from God, and he leads them all in a profession of faith. Then he interprets the dreams: in three days, Inarus will be free but Apopis will be dead. Joseph consoles Apopis and tells him he will find peace in heaven.

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Chariots of Fire returns to theatres and gets a “sequel”


The Olympics will be upon us soon, and to mark the occasion, Chariots of Fire — the Oscar-winning 1981 film about two athletes, one Jewish and one Christian, who represented Great Britain at the 1924 Olympics in Paris — is coming back to theatres for one night only. An unofficial “sequel” has also started playing in China.

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