Ray Winstone on family, politics, and that injury he got while playing King Saul in Of Kings and Prophets


I have always liked Ray Winstone as an actor, but I didn’t really know much about him as a person until I came across this interview with him that The Telegraph ran today.

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Interview: Chad and Aaron Burns (Beyond the Mask, 2015)


Filmmaking is a family affair for many writers, directors and producers. One thinks of the Coens, the Wachowskis, the Farrellys, and other siblings who collaborate on films. This phenomenon extends even to the Christian filmmaking subculture, with fraternal teams like Alex and Stephen Kendrick (Courageous), Bobby and Kevin Downes (The Moment After) and Jon and Andrew Erwin (Moms’ Night Out).

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Life of Brian and the Jesus film were distributed by the same company to the same theatres at the same time.


Last year, I commented on the fact that there were two movies playing in theatres at the same time — Son of God and Noah — that both began with images of Eve plucking the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden: a moviegoer could see one film in the multiplex, then walk down the hall and catch the other film in the same theatre.

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Faith-based animated Christmas film gets a release date


Sony Pictures Entertainment set release dates for 16 of their upcoming films today, and one of them happens to be The Lamb, an animated take on the Nativity told from the point of view of the animals. It is due to come out on December 8, 2017.

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Six cinematic interpretations of the Jewish elder Gamaliel


Yesterday was the day when Eastern Orthodox Christians remember Gamaliel, the Jewish leader who defended the apostles before the Sanhedrin in Acts 5. So I thought it might be fun to take a quick look at how Gamaliel has been portrayed in film.

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Four Jesus films make Pop Classics’ “ancient movies” list


Juliette Harrisson, who writes about films and TV shows with a Greco-Roman hook at the always enjoyable Pop Classics blog, has posted a list of her ten favorite “ancient historical movies and TV shows” — and it includes four Jesus films. Check it out here. (And if you haven’t checked out her post on Pontius Pilate in film yet, do.)