There is a good possibility The Star could stay in the top ten until Christmas. Read more

Coco had one of the steeper second-week slides for a Pixar film, while The Star is still tracking among the top ten “faith-based” films. Read more

Includes soundbites from actors Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner, Joanne Whalley and more. Read more

Garth Davis’s “humanistic” take on the gospels still includes some fascinating stuff for Bible buffs. Read more

A trailer will reportedly arrive on November 29. Read more

The Star had one of the ten best second weekends of any “faith-based” film ever this week. Read more

Plus two new videos to promote the film, one of which focuses on seasonal cookie baking. Read more

The Star had the lowest opening in Sony Animation’s history, but ranks among the top ten openings for “faith-based” films. Read more

The camels are voiced by Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Tracy Morgan. Read more

The producers behind The Bible are teaming up with Netflix for Messiah; meanwhile, Netflix strikes a long-term deal with a producer who previously said she was developing a “teen Jesus” series. Read more

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