Exclusive: The Shack co-star Aviv Alush on being the first Israeli actor to play Jesus in an English-language movie

The actor also talks about the film’s approach to themes like death, grief, and God. Read more

A Kenyan film about the suicide of Judas Iscariot

Get Some Money has been described as “comical” and as “sort of a parody”, but the filmmakers say they are also trying to raise awareness of people struggling with suicidal tendencies. Read more

Box office: The Shack has one of the biggest openings ever for a “faith-based” film

Plus a little film starring Hugh Jackman did really well, too. Read more

Watch: Critics, audiences respond to The Shack in new TV spots

A quick, and partly belated, round-up of the latest promotional videos for the faith-based film. Read more

Watch: Four new clips from The Shack tap into the movie’s theological themes

Mack (Sam Worthington) speaks to God the Father, God the Son and the embodiment of divine Wisdom in these new scenes from the film. Read more

Newsbites: The Jesus movies past and future edition!

Jack Huston comments on the failure of Ben-Hur, Garth Davis talks about controversy and Mary Magdalene, and a new version of The Master and Margarita is in the works. Read more

Watch: The trailer for Season 2 of CNN’s Finding Jesus

This year, the series will look at the tombs of Herod and Lazarus, the relics of St Peter, the childhood home of Jesus, and more. Read more

Newsbites: The religious TV shows in development issue!

The Scroll will tell modern-day versions of popular Bible stories, and more. Read more

Win a DVD copy of Hillsong: Let Hope Rise!

The disc includes four bonus songs and almost 20 minutes of extra behind-the-scenes footage. Read more

Watch: Hillsong United’s new music video for The Shack

The studio has also released three new TV spots. Read more

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