Joel Hodgson to host MST3K Turkey Day Marathon on November 28th


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the seemingly blank November calendar taped to his desk...When I was in high school, my friends Eric and Jamie introduced me to a little 2-hour program on Comedy Central called Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I hadn't fully embraced geek culture yet, so I was a little skeptical that a show 2 hours in length could capture my attention as a young man.  Oh, how ignorant I was.In college, I made some very good friends who also sh … [Read more...]

GGR Reviews Almost Human – “Pilot”


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the electronic-sprinkled alternative music coming from his Spotify stream...When I first saw the trailer for the new Fox action/drama/comedy... SHOW... Almost Human, I was immediately intrigued.  My first thought was, "Looks like RoboCop meets Alien Nation."  Still, the premise may not be the most original, but I'm very excited about the two leads that are going to carry the series, Karl Urban (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Tr … [Read more...]

The Michael J. Fox Show – Newer Family, Stronger Ties

MichaelJFox 1

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the air conditioning, which is actually running in the apartment, even though it's below 40 degrees outside...There are two things that remind me of being younger.  One of them is my homemade chili cheese dip.  Layer one brick of cream cheese, softened, in the bottom of a deep dish round pan.  Spread a can of chili, preferably Chili Man, over the cream cheese, the cover with shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, perhaps some green on … [Read more...]

No More Need To Be Kind…I Mean Rewind


If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you I’m a very nostalgic person. I only just recently threw out an old pair of ripped up boxers she’d given me a decade ago when we were dating that said “Too Hot to Handle” along the elastic band right above cute little pictures of chili peppers. Years later, on the day we moved out of our first house as a married couple - a rental property that lacked proper heating and turned into a sauna during the summer - I walked through the empty rooms and emotionally remin … [Read more...]

Five Iron Frenzy Premieres New Video, New Album Available for Pre-Sale


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, who can't believe he saw a dusting of snow on the ground this morning...Five Iron Frenzy is one of those musical institutions that created and maintained a rabid fan base during their initial run as a band.  Combining humor, social commentary, and passion for God with a hyper fusion of punk, ska, and hardcore, they broke down barriers into several genres by defying expectations and refusing to be pigeonholed.So it came as no surprise that, … [Read more...]

@Midnight Provides Nightly Opportunities to Snark


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, who still hasn't gotten the hang of Windows 8...It finally happened, people.  The first new show of the fall season to completely capture my attention has arrived.  And after my mourning period in the wake of the finale of Breaking Bad, it's no surprise that the show to capture my imagination and stir my senses as both a writer and a comedian is a comedy.  The interactive late-night comedy show @Midnight has entered my realm and taken me ov … [Read more...]

The Killer Idol: Sons of Anarchy and the Worship of Family.


 (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)As a writer, I get behind in watching TV shows. It’s the nature of deadlines and people wanting things yesterday. For example, I’ve yet to watch one episode of Breaking Bad. That’s right, not one. I don’t even know what happens at the end, so don’t tell me, I’ll get there.This is why I find myself plowing through the first five seasons of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. I’m amazed at SOA’s ability to make me think about its’ content at random times during the day. … [Read more...]

GGR Music Review: Stryper – “No More Hell To Pay”

Stryper NoMoreHellToPay

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, who is slowly crawling out of his cave after Daylight Savings Time thought it necessary to end...The name Stryper is thrown around the rock world today with both reverence and derision. Cheesy and campy when they hit the Southern California scene in the 1980s, their musicianship was nevertheless undeniable. These guys knew how to use heavy metal to their advantage. Today, the cheese and camp have been abandoned, and while they still don their … [Read more...]

Viewer’s Block: Breaking Bad Ruined Television For Me

BreakingBad Cast

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, breaking his code of silence after nearly a month...Why am I still talking about Breaking Bad?The end of this landmark drama took its toll on me.  Battlestar Galactica excited me.  Heroes held me in awe, at least in the first season, anyway.  Chuck entertained me and prodded the geek in me to be proud.  Boston Legal was an all-around knockout of a show that featured some of the best actors in television history.  Breaking Bad, on the other ha … [Read more...]

The Magic of God?


As I’ve discussed before, as much as I love reading, it takes me a little longer to get through huge volumes than it might for the average reader. As a result, delving into the seven-book Harry Potter collection (four of which are the size of Webster’s Dictionaries) seemed more than a little daunting. But after years of putting it off, I finally decided enough was enough. On a soggy Thursday back in March, while sitting in a jury duty waiting room, I finally entered J.K. Rowling’s magical world … [Read more...]