The Adab of #MuslimMaleAllies

One night during my freshman year of college, a friend of mine and I were discussing the bitter breakup of Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s marriage. My memory is hazy as to the beginnings of this conversation, but I clearly remember confidently saying to her that religious Muslim men would never hit their wives. Before [Read More...]

As American as Bean Pie: Muslims & Black History Month

I was asked to share my thoughts for a Huffington Post Religion piece that came out this week, on the diverse spiritualities of African Americans. It’s an engaging piece and I was honored to share my thoughts for it. I identify as black, African and American, so I don’t feel completely out of place sharing [Read More...]

Being Black and Muslim

This week, those of you on Twitter may have noticed your Muslim friends using the hashtag #BeingBlackAndMuslim to describe their experiences – both beautiful and sad – of being, well, black and Muslim (here’s a great Storify that sums up the conversation). This online discussion is part of a larger conversation catalyzed by Muslim ARC, [Read More...]

America, the Beautiful

In my entire life, I have never watched an American football game (my friends make fun of me when I say that, but, really, it’s the best way to differentiate it from the football that is played using one’s foot and with an actual ball: Fútbol. “Olé!), nor have I ever participated in the national [Read More...]

Mawlid – an Opportunity for Intrafaith Dialogue

In the last few weeks, Muslims around the world have been celebrating the month in which our beloved Prophet was born (the Mawlid I wrote about here). Last week I accepted an invitation by the Sunni-Shia Unity Council of Chicago to attend an intrafaith dialogue program, held annually on the occasion of the Mawlid. The [Read More...]

Mawlid 2014: Praise Songs from Around the World

We are in the season of Mawlid – the month in which Muslims around the world celebrate the birthday of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims celebrate our Prophet’s birthday by fasting, learning more about his character and life, and attending communal gatherings where songs and poetry are recited in his honor. For over 1400 [Read More...]

2013′s 13 Most Talked About Mosque Photos

In 2013, the photo blog I curate on women’s prayer spaces in mosques around the world, Side Entrance, reached thousands of people and helped to spark a dynamic online and off-line conversation about the spaces Muslim women occupy in our mosques in particular and in our communities in general. Here are 13 of the most [Read More...]

Somewhere In America: My Thinksies & Some Linksies

By now, the Muslim blogosphere has erupted with congratulations and condemnations, excitement and judgement, mud slinging and intellectualizing, over a stylized and unnarrated 2 and a half minutes video set to Jay-Z’s “Only in America.” The clip portrays 12 American Muslim women in fashionable clothing, taking selfies, skateboarding, fencing and strutting around America’s urban jungles [Read More...]

Does Religion Still Matter?

Last month I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion among Haroon Moghul, Wajahat Ali and Imam William Suhaib Webb – who are, in my estimation, three of America’s most engaging Muslim public intellectuals. The panel, which was hosted by Northwestern University’s Muslim Students Cultural Association, asked each of the speakers to address the [Read More...]

Living at the Intersection of Race, Religion & the Remote Control

Those of us who find ourselves living at the intersection of race and popular culture have long known that diverse audiences are eager to consume diversity in media and the arts. The massive popularity of ABC’s hit show Scandal can be measured not only by Nielsen ratings, but also by how it dominates Twitter, with [Read More...]