About Karen Trifiletti

I'm eager to meet you, honest seekers online, and consider myself a "perfectly imperfect but graced follower of Jesus Christ." I'm originally from Philly (yes, land of roasted chestnuts and soft, salted pretzels on street corners, gooey Italian cheesesteaks, and birthplace of the nation) but have lived outside of Pennsylvania for at least half of my life. I'm a Catholic-turned-agnostic-turned-believer-- and know the transforming power of the Savior and the Father. It's on my heart t to be an advocate in some small way for the Father and Savior, and to put Him and His true character on display, dispelling myths and misperceptions about them and Christ's Church that capture and sweep away fertile minds into a sea of secularism, doubt, and despair.I've two beautiful daughters, one married, studying family science, one a college student; and a pretty amazin' son-in-law prepping himself as an engineer. My own more formal background includes a BA in French Linguistics, with Masters work in English and Doctoral studies in Human and Org Development. I've served with United Families Utah as a pro-family advocate and have a background in Public Affairs and training. I love writing, jazz music, engaging in things that matter, frozen yoghurt, anything rich and creamy and cheesy, king salmon, awesome sunsets, spending time with family and friends, and sharing faith on and offline. I'm like you in that I'm in the trenches daily, and seeking to improve the world in which I live. I believe that is tantamount to building the kingdom of God on earth--of which you and I are a part. I desire to reach those whose lives are missing what only God can provide, and what only His gospel of peace and happiness affords.I'm presently a business professional with a terrific non-profit and appreciate a dynamic team of friends and co-workers there. For more information, visit the Introductory Cast to I Believe Podcast. I hope to hear from you!
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