Science and Faith

Over the last several years we have discussed many books relevant to the issues of science and faith or faith with intellectual integrity. One of the overriding themes of this discussion is a conviction that God and his creation will make sense as we contemplate and consider the questions raised by modern science. It is difficult to find much of the material on the blog, however. This page provides links to the various books and topics and in an organized fashion. It should be noted that some of the material could be listed under multiple headings. For the most part I have avoided doing that and have linked each book or post only under the most appropriate heading. Most of these posts were written by RJS, some by Scot, a few by others.

Click on the links for more information, for short descriptions of the books, and for links to specific posts in each topic.

Books on Science and Faith

Books discussed include:

The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions by Karl Giberson and Francis Collins.

Redeeming Science: A God-Centered Approach by Vern Poythress

The Language of God by Francis Collins

Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith by Daniel Harrell

Theology After Darwin edited by R.J. Berry and Michael Northcott

The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity edited by J. B. Stump and Alan Padgett.

Making Sense of Evolution: Darwin, God, and the Drama of Life by John Haught

Coming to Peace With Science: Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology by Darrel Falk

The Bible, Rocks and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth by Davis A. Young and Ralph F. Stearley

Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design by Deborah B. and Loren D. Haarsma

Evolution and Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist by Robert Asher

Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything by Gerald Rau

Videos and Movies on Science and Christian Faith

Test of Faith from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

From the Dust by Satellite Pictures and BioLogos

Natural Theology

Books discussed include:

God’s Universe by Owen Gingerich

A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Quest for God in Science and Theology by Alister McGrath

Quarks, Chaos & Christianity and Belief in God in an Age of Science by John Polkinghorne

Quantum Leap: How John Polkinghorne Found God in Science and Religion by Dean Nelson and Karl Giberson.

Life’s Solution: Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe by Simon Conway Morris.

Theology in the Context of Science by John C. Polkinghorne.

The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in Our Fine-Tuned World by Karl Giberson

God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History by Harry Lee Poe and Jimmy H. Davis

Books and Posts on Evolution, Darwinism, and Intelligent Design

Books discussed include:

Intelligent Design Uncensored by Willim Dembski and Jonathan Witt

Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer

Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution by Karl Giberson

Back to Darwin: A Richer Account of Evolution edited by John Cobb

Darwin and the Bible: The Cultural Confrontation edited by Richard H. Robbins and Mark Nathan Cohen.

The Music of Life: Biology Beyond Genes by Denis Noble

Books and Posts on Scripture

Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns

God’s Word in Human Words: An Evangelical Appropriation of Critical Biblical Scholarship by Kenton Sparks

The Last Word: Scripture and the Authority of God–Getting Beyond the Bible Wars by N. T. Wright and his revised and expanded book Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today.

The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate by John Walton

Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution by Denis O. Lamoureux

Science, Creation and the Bible: Reconciling Rival Theories of Origins by Richard F. Carlson and Tremper Longman III.

Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores the Bible by John C. Polkinghorne

Genesis for Normal People by Peter Enns and Jared Byas

The Seven Pillars of Creation by William P. Brown

The Bible and the Believer: How to Read the Bible Critically & Religiously by Marc Zvi Brettler, Peter Enns, and Daniel J. Harrington

In the Beginning … We Misunderstood by Johnny V. Miller and John M. Soden

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy (Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary)

Job using two commentaries – Job (The NIV Application Commentary) by John Walton and Job (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms) by Tremper Longman III

Intellectual Integrity:  Science, Scripture, Faith and the Academy

A large number of stand alone posts and the following books:

Belief: Readings on the Reason for Faith compiled by Francis Collins

Christian letters to a post-Christian world (also available under the title The Whimsical Christian: 18 Essays), a selection of essays by Dorothy Sayers

Science vs Religion: What Scientists Really Think by Elaine Howard Ecklund

For the Common Good: Principles of American Academic Freedom by Matthew W. Finkin and Robert C. Post.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn.

Books and Posts on Doubt

Doubting by Alister McGrath

Evolving in Monkey Town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions by Rachel Held Evans

Young Earth, Old Earth, and Questions for Faith

Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering by Ronald Osborn

A number of posts addressing questions from various people.

American Culture and Evangelicalism

The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age by Randall Stephens and Karl Giberson.

Among the Creationists: Dispatches from the Anti-Evolutionist Front Line by Jason Rosenhouse.

Books on Christian Faith

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller

The Future of Faith by Harvey Cox

Finding Calcutta: What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service by Mary Poplin

God is Red by Liao Yiwu

The Question of Adam

Probably the most significant question for many people. A number of books, articles, and stand alone posts.

The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins by Peter Enns

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?: Who They Were and Why You Should Care by C. John Collins

Adam’s Ancestors: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins by David Livingstone

Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives by Peter Bouteneff

Original Sin: Illuminating the Riddle (New Studies in Biblical Theology) by Henri Blocher

Science, Faith, and Being Human

A number of stand alone posts and books.

Rethinking Human Nature: A Christian Materialist Alternative to the Soul by Kevin Corcoran

Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible by Joel B. Green

Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson

Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn and Half the Church by Carolyn Custis James

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work by by Tim Keller with Katherine Leary Alsdorf

Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion: Illusions, Delusions, and Realities about Human Nature by Malcolm Jeeves and Warren S. Brown

Minds, Brains, Souls and Gods: A Conversation on Faith, Psychology and Neuroscience by Malcolm Jeeves

The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies—How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths by Michael Shermer.

Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist by Christof Koch

Posts on Miracles and on Naturalism

Stand alone posts on various questions raised by miracles and naturalism

Approaches to Conversation on Science, Faith, and Evolution

Stand alone posts looking at various ways the conversation has been and perhaps should be conducted

Environmental Issues

A number of stand alone posts

Let Creation Rejoice by Jonathan Moo and Robert White

Miscellaneous Posts

All other posts on a variety of topics