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The Christian Sexual Animal?

Maybe it’s time (we) Christians quit pretending like we’re so filled with the Holy Spirit that we’ve essentially risen above the rawness of our sexuality. [Read more…]

The myth of the Christian eunuch

Show me a man who says he doesn’t look lustfully at women ALL THE TIME and I’ll show you a man who’s either lying or gay. [Read more…]

Heeeeeeeeeeeere’s STINKY!!

A couple of years ago a friend of mine showed me a stack of photocopied cartoons featuring a dog named Stinky (, created and drawn by Samantha McCullough. I instantly fell in love with the image of Stinky. I was so enthused that I contacted Sam, and asked her if there was anything I could [Read More…]

Conservative and Liberal Christians: Winning! Losing!

I’d say the Christians I know are pretty evenly split between conservative and liberal. One of the things I like about the conservative Christians I know is how clear they are about what they believe and think. They know what the Bible says; they know who they are; they know what they’re doing in life. [Read More…]


Lately some have complained that I (via posts like this,this, and this) have been entirely too obnoxious to New Agers. To which I say: Hey, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the supernova. But that’s really more of an astronomy joke. Which, as you see, are impossible to make funny. Unlike astrology jokes, [Read More…]

The Funniest Drawing EVER

This is “Blue Boy,” by the immortal comic artist (from Mad magazine’s halcyon days) Don Martin. Every time I look at this, it just kills me. Growing up, Don Martin’s work meant the world to me. It showed me just how funny funny could be. As I wrote a bit about here, for Christmas of [Read More…]

Spaghetti Sauce; Disgusting Jokes; Love

As I write this, my wife Cat is in the kitchen making spaghetti sauce. I just said to her, “Are you feeling saucy?” In response she gave me that look she gives me when she wants to help me understand the wearying depth of her burden. [Read more…]

A New-Age Translation of the Lord’s Prayer

Our genderless spirit counselor, who art in everything, honored be thy many names. Thy new age come, thy will be manifested, on this and all cosmic planes. Break with us our daily gluten-free unleavened bread, and forgive us our bad karma as we forgive those who project their bad karma onto us. Lead us not [Read More…]

The Church of Evolutionary Karmic Auras–and More!

Check out this sign, attached to a quaint, white church-type building in downtown Encinitas, CA. Encinitas is the New Age capital of the universe; just about every other downtown area business is a an aura repair place, or a harmonic balance restorer, or chakra adjustment center. While-U-Wait Crystal Buffing While-U-Wait. Drive-through cosmic alignment. All that [Read More…]

Five Things Women Don’t Know About Men

One of the things in life of which men are most acutely aware is that there are women everywhere. Today, for instance, I’ve already seen five or six different women. And that was just looking out my living room window. And no, I don’t stand in my living room, blatantly ogling people as they walk [Read More…]